Recommendation letters and QC queries

Hi all,
I have few queries regarding recommendation letters and a query regarding qualifying criteria’s, I have listed them in sections just to be clear enough.

Recommendation letters:
1.) Is it mandatory that recommendation letters should be up to 3 sides or can it be less than that

2.) CV of the authors recommending - Should it be as if another person writes about the author or should it be like the author writes about himself and is it necessary to provide the referee’s LinkedIn profile even if a CV is provided…

3.) Is it necessary that the candidate should have a LinkedIn profile, should LinkedIn be registered under the same e-mail id as mentioned in the CV and with which the candidate is applying for endorsement…
I ask this because I have an email id “A”(oldest one) which I used to communicate with offices and I had created an email id “B” (3 years after “A”) with which I registered in LinkedIn but that was it (I created a LinkedIn profile and did not do anything in it- LinkedIn profile was just there). So is it right to update the profile now to actually match my original profile, will I face any problem in doing so…

Qualifying Criteria:
1.) Should we select only two criteria out of four or are we allowed to select more than two to provide evidences…
If we can select more than two criteria, then will it pose a threat of rejection(Say a candidate has selected three criteria 1,2&3(name sake) and among the three 1 and 2 have solid evidences whereas 3 has a weak evidence or fails to prove a point- is there a chance of rejection).

Please help and thanks in advance…

Hello Moi,
On the recommendation letter, the tech nation guide states that the letter “Be up to 3 single sides of A4 paper, excluding the author’s credentials and contact details”. This means that the letter can be less than 3 pages and not more than 3 pages.

On the optional criteria(OC), you cannot select more than two criteria. On the Tech nation application form you can only select two out of the four options.


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Any suggestions or ideas regarding this…
I’m sorry to tag you all and disturb you guys, I have no choice but clarify my doubts from the experts.

Please help and thanks in advance…



Preferably. LinkedIn is public, CVs are not. LinkedIn allows the TechNation team to independently verify the credentials.

Highly recommended

No need (I use separate email for LinkedIn - so I know)

This logic is codified the form itself. I think when I applied, it allowed me to only select 2 criteria to tag the evidences.


Thanks for the much needed clarification…

where can I mention this LinkedIn Id in case they wanted to look into my profile…
Will mentioning LinkedIn id near my official email id in the CV suffice…?

Any idea on this…?

I put it into my CV as well as in the personal statement.

Yes, no problem


Many thanks in helping me out…

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I am trying get recommendation letters from my referee’s on their respective company’s letter pad with logo and stuff(though it is not required) as I believe it gives more authenticity. Will there be any problem if the author gives his CV in their respective company letter pads and also, should he present his CV before his signature in the letter or after that…? anything you people know of…?

Please help and Thanks in advance…

Cv can be just attached as a separate document, so no stress here