Recommendation letters, 12month requirement

I am applying to the exceptional promise Visa

One of the requirements for the letters of recommendations is that it that it needs to be written by leaders ‘with detailed knowledge of your work over a period of 12 months or more

I’m struggling to get 3 letters of recommendations from leaders I have worked with for at least 12 months. Namely because Im in my 2nd year of work after completing my undergrad, and have only spend spent time at 2 companies post graduation, with the first being less than 12 months. Perhaps I am not ready yet but with the uncertainty around endorsement after TechNation winds down, I am keen to get something in.

How strict the ‘at least 12 month’ requirement?

Would very much appreciate any guidance and advice regarding this.

Many thanks in advance!

They are very strict with this requirements. It is even a latest update in the guide.

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Thanks for clarifying Francisca

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