Recommendation letter


Recommendation letter from Directors and senior project managers good for the visa or does it have to be from VP level or high candidates?

Hi @addctionmate
Going by the Tech Nation Visa guide (earlier versions) that I recollect, Director(s) can definitely be the referees (2 of my referees were). Not sure about ‘senior project managers’ though.
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Thanks @deepak! How about delivery lead? would that be ok?

Directors or lead - the higher ranks is better
But also consider company nature and its impact. The bigger/well known company or the bigger impact it makes the more it adds weight

Hey, I had someone with a title “Head” and it worked out :slight_smile:

@Anita_Koimur1 Incidentally, I recollect “Head” being one of the ‘example’ designations in the guidelines :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the input @Anita_Koimur1 . I was a bit curious since title of one of my referee starts with “Head”