Recommendation letter vs Reference letter

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This form is of great help & constant source motivation for me after learning all your success stories.

I want to understand does recommendation letters Vs reference letters. Is there any difference ?

Does author of each reference letter should also document “why I want to move to UK & what value do I bring? Etc info ?

Or is that only need to be part of Recommendation letter ?

What do you mean by reference letter? I only submitted my recommendation letters.

The reference letters are suppose to talk about the exact criteria that you are getting the letter for. Although it can also talk about the why you want to move to UK or how the UK will benefit from you. It will only strengthen your letter as it will be from some professional/senior person talking about how your work is going to help UK.

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Thank you @akshay_kothari
It really helped.

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image on which word format and size we need to submit recommendation and letter of references

We have completed innovative underwater software project and we have worked with Academic consultant. He is not software developer , (but non-IT manager,related sea - marine -ship business)but know innovation business and details. I 'll get a Reference Lettter from him, it is ok or we need to find out technical IT manager? İs the reference letter would be from technical lead literally ?