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I see that in the latest Tech nation guide the 3 Recommendation Letters can be each of upto 3 pages. Now my question is who would write upto 3 pages when he is already a busy/senior Leader/CTO/CEO. To be frank I saw that getting a full 1 page written down itself is a time taking task for them. What essential story Tech Nation is after in these letters ? It is really hard for them to recollect everything nicely in a organized way to fill 3 pages.

If it’s upto 3 pages does not necessarily mean it has to be 3 pages. It can be one page only and satisfy all the requirements i.e. The letter is written for Tech Nation, How referee knows you and why you would be an asset for UK.

I also understand it is time consuming for executives so why should they care that you should or should not be an asset for UK? One of my referee (CEO of a well known Cybersecurity company) whom I did not even expect will recommend me, was so generous enough that he wrote the letter within 2 hours satisfying all the requirements. While another has asked me to wait few weeks even though he worked with me. So the personality of your referee is also a factor.

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Whoever writes a recommendation letter, especially on their letter head (branded) is a huge favour. just imagine if you get most senior people in your circle to write a letter for you and still your application gets rejected.

As much as I empathise with the fact that senior leaders are busy people, you have to understand that visa of a country, one with as much flexibility as the TechNation visa, has to be given out with a fair level of scrutiny.

If you make that context available to your recommenders, then they will surely make sure that they write something of substance and not skimp over the details. They understand why this is important.

Also, when I was applying for my visa, I worked with the executive assistants of the leaders I needed recommendation from. Between the EA and Chief of Staff (or perhaps HR in some cases), one of these people will typically draft the content for the leaders to review and sign. So, the leaders themselves aren’t drafting this word by word.

One can argue that it was done on purpose. This visa is designed to attract TOP 1% (that is not official terminology, but my feeling). Arguably, such bright talents not only will be known by multiple CTO(s), CEI(s) and VP(s), but also should not have a hard time finding a people who would like to put in some time for writing a reference letter(s).

There’s also a very detailed list of what the reference letter should contain:

Each letter must:

  • Be about your Global Talent application - you cannot use a letter that was written for another reason
  • Say how the person knows you
  • Show your achievements in the digital technology sector, and how you are a leader or potential leader
  • Say how you would benefit from living in the UK
  • Say how you would contribute to the digital technology field in the UK
  • Explain what plans you have for work in the future

I could imagine that it may be actually more difficult to squeeze all these in just 3 pages!

Another important thing to understand regarding the visa requirements:

  • They seem to get more strict with time. If you think the bar is high already - just wait a bit and check the bar again; it might be even higher.
  • It does not matter what one thinks of the requirements. That what they are; not-negotiable, take it or leave it; conversation is over.
  • It is way more practical to think “How do I meet those requirements?”, as well as give up and save time and money if there’s no way to meet them - and consider other opportunities. This test might be a nice place to start this: Global Talent Visa | Tech Nation

Hope it makes sense and helps!

Disclaimer: I don’t work for Tech Nation, neither I am authorised nor I do represent Tech Nation in any form

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