Recommendation Letter on Letter head

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Is it absolutely necessary to have recommendation letter on letter heads?

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Could you please eloborate more? I am not sure I understand your question.



I got this visa and in my case letters of recommendation were just signed pdf’s (without company logo e.t.c)

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Thanks @banshchikov for the reply

Which year and month you got endorsement?

Had you provided all 3 recommendation letters without company logo and address?

Hi @banshchikov, hope you are well. Appreciate if you can help understand whether all your recommendation letters were without companies letter head and only a signed pdf from the refree?

This will help a lot of people who are not able to get their recons on letter head due to current pandemic challenges.

Letter head prove the authenticity, try to get maximum Reco Letters on Letter head. In my case, I enclosed 2 letters with Letter head and 1 without letter head. But also enclosed two supporting letters with letter head.

Thanks @jamal for your reply. Unfortunately in my case they are not able to provide any on letter heads due to compliance issues.

They are okay to provide a signed copy attached in an official email with official signatures and contact details.

Is there any other supporting letters that i may need to work on to support my RLs?

If they will provide with Logo and Registered address in email which is actually a Letter head.

Thank you @jamal, I will work on it and seek your advice if necessary.

Hi @jamal may I know that the one Recommendation Letter you got WITHOUT letter head do they put a logo? thanks in advance

Yes, as it is stated in the requirements. The letters should have your organization logo and email address which is typical of a letterhead

Thanks so much. I’ll try to find other recommender writing letter for me.