Recommendation Letter Inquiry

Can the ICT director of a top private university in Nigeria write a recommendation letter for me? He is also on the management team, making him a senior executive. I built some platforms for the school while I was still a student.

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In accordance to my interepretation of TechNation Guide, yes he can as the below:

Each person who writes a letter for you must:

  • Be a senior member of their organisation
  • Know your work

Thank you for the Information.

I’ll advise that you should be careful with your evidence. The solution you built for the university looks like a consultancy work. If it’s not a consultancy, ensure that your referee clearly explains that in the letter.

Yes I understand you, but I just want him to write a recommendation letter, not a reference letter for mandatory or optional criteria. Although the work done was not a consultancy work. I was a student at that time and I was part of the school’s student tech impact team. I was even given an online impact award for the tremendous impact I was able to make for the school’s online space at that time.

With this, do you think he will be suitable for a recommendation letter?

I believe that should be sufficient. Follow the tech nation guideline on recommendation letters.

  • Explain how the author knows the applicant; and
  • Knows the applicant’s achievements in the relevant field; and
  • How the author considers the applicant shows exceptional talent or promise; and
  • the contribution the applicant would make to the UK digital economy.

Hello, I have q qustion related to this thread that i got three letters

  1. from a Sar up Compnay owner in UK. i helped hem as a free lancer in different projects
  2. my Product Manger
  3. An techincal architc
    but last 2 of them workd with me in same orgs in UK but now working in Different Orgs.

will it be ok ?

Thank you for the Information.

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No 1. seems okay. Try to see if you can get from people in a more senior role. According to the guideline.

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all are CTO’s who is providing the letters (RL’s)