Recommendation Letter (from individual or individual on behalf of an organisation)

Hi everyone,

I have recently emailed my manger who I used to work with in a big tech firm asking for a letter of recommendation. He is wondering if the recommendation letter needs to be from him “representing/being associated” with the company. There is a whole different process when employees of that company do actions that allow them to be associated with the company (which could be lengthy for me to send my application on time).

The guidelines on the TechNation website ask specifically letters from “well-established organisations” rather than individuals.

My thinking is that Tech Nation is not seeking recommendations that directly represent well-established organisations. Rather they want the “expert” to be preferably from such an organisation, signalling credibility and also they want referrers to emphasise how they got to know me, which in my case is through that organisation. On the other hand, they also mention that the recommendation letter needs to “Include a telephone number and email address, and the organisation’s logo and registered address, if applicable”. That makes it a bit trickier.

Not entirely sure how best to deal with this issue. Help would be extremely appreciated!

The wording of the requirement has only recently changed. It used to be OK to use letters from an individual before, but I am not sure if it still the case (it rather looks like it is not). I am afraid there might be only one way to find out…