Recommendation letter from current employer

Hey everyone!
I am in a fix at the moment coz out of the 3 recommendation letters I’d need, one of them I will need to take from my current employer. However, my current employer mentioned to me that they might consider me for L1 visa (USA) in March 2024.

So now I am wondering what tactic to use to convince them to provide me a letter of recommendation without it seeming that I am going to suddenly leave my current company. Is there a skillful way to handle this?

Please suggest. Thank you! :slight_smile:

Hi @cosmic.wilderness From the top of my mind, it can be …

  • Saving the company’s sponsoring cost
  • Getting faster ILR and nationality (depends on your circumstance), and financially getting cheaper house loan interest if those applied.
  • Getting a Global Talent Visa is a big achievement for anyone, regardless of using it or not.