Recommendation Letter from an endorsed individual

I have a friend who we did our Master’s together and is well aware of my work in the past 10 years. He was endorsed 2 years ago from TechNation (TechCity back then) as an exceptional talent. He works in one of largest technology providers in the world (MongoDB).

However he is not a C level executive. My question is, can he be a potential referee for my application?

his he an ex-founder or formerly in a senior role?

He is not a founder or exfounder … He was never a C level, but held senior positions in several companies such as head of development team, head of engineering team

If he works for well established companies, it could fly, the guideline says " Each person who writes a letter for you must be a senior member of their organisation".

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Hi @Francisca_Chiedu
Thanks for the response on this case.
However, what if the person does not work for a well-established organization, but rather on his own with has an accolade of national and international recognition for his work in the tech space. Runs a startup, has recognized inventions been deployed locally and internationally, speaks at top tech conferences around the world. Can such a person put up a recommendation letter as well?


It depends on your definition of well-established. Are you saying the startup doesn’t have traction, aside the startup, has this person worked in other tech firms? I just think, it helps to use people from Organisations who have traction. This is just my opinion.

Hi @Francisca_Chiedu

Firstly, thanks for the clarification in your comment, I however have some further clarifications on putting up my evidence.

  1. Can you include google links on your evidence, especially when some of your works are not public.
  2. Can endorsement or maybe an acknowledgment of freelance tech training services I have done for companies be part of the evidence?
  3. On your evidence document, can you place pictures?
  4. Do you need to give a summary of the evidence at the beginning of the page?

Thank you for your help.

Useful questions, I’m looking forward for the answers.

My thoughts on each of the questions.

1.) No guarantees that google links do actually get checked or count for much. Recommendation would be to still include them, however, you should also include a snapshot/screenshot of what is in the google link.

2.) If it was actually part of the commercial requirements of the job (i.e. you were getting paid to train or the training is part of what is required for the company to use a particular product or service), then I am not too sure it would count for much. So for instance, if you are working with a cloud service provider and you have to train a cohort of clients about how to switch to the cloud, then this wouldn’t really count as contribution to the advancement of the ecosystem/industry.

3.) Yes you absolutely can. Combining screenshots/snapshots with excerpts and links for full details is a way to quickly get your point across to your case assessor.

4.) There is no rule on this. Seen people with different styles of articulating their evidences, including those those with and without summaries.

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Thanks @Damilare_Ogunleye

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Thanks, I won’t have put it better.

So is it allowed to provide recommendation letters written by your friends? I thought if I can’t prove that we worked together, I can’t submit a letter from this person

Evidence of recognition, such as Reference Letters, provided by an immediate colleague, manager, or friend are not sufficient.

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