Recommendation Letter Content

Good day community members and mentors,

So I have good people that can recommend me, but if I am to give them a structure or specific things they should not miss while recommending me (beyond what is on the Technation guide), what should it be? I will like some that has gotten an endorsement to please enlighten me on what their Recommenders wrote structure or content-wise (not whole content, but like highlights of the content od=f a strong Recommendation letter).

This is the defined structure for recommendation letters according to Tech nation guideline

Just make sure the letters answers the questions clearly.

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Hi @Victrr,

To answer these questions specifically, is it better to add sub-headings in the letters (so that its easier for the reviewers to have a look at each portion of the letter answering all the required questions)?

I didn’t use subheadings, I’ll also personally advice against it. Instead of subheadings, you can have new paragraphs answering each question, while also ensuring they’re well linked (synced) with each other. It should still flow like a story.

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Thanks very much for your responses Victrr, it has provided some needed clarity!

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