Recommendation Letter Clarification

Hi everyone,

So I have a potential recommender who has resigned from work as VP at a tech company to focus on his MBA in the US. This has as expected disrupted a lot of my plans and I now have the headache of finding an alternative. But I’m curious, is there any way to work around this? Considering I have to submit the letter on a letterhead? The person is a mentor and the content of original letter focuses on how we met and my subsequent achievements outside of work that contribute to advancing the digital technology sector.

I would appreciate your help @alexnk @Francisca_Chiedu thank you.

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@ask4jubad could you please help with any clarification?

I don’t think letterhead is required from an individual referee unless it is from a third-party organization. Therefore the letter from the person will just be the normal letter to be a VALID letter.

Letters must show the organisation logo and registered address, if written on behalf of a third party organisation” as stated in the EVIDENCE - DOCUMENT CHECKLIST in Tech Nation Visa Guide - Tech Nation

I heard that the personal letter may be slightly weaker than the letter-headed letter. Still, it should still be valid and it is much more important to have a relevant referee with a strong background who knows your works, rather than just a letter-head element

@Emi267 apologies for the delay. Did you get the help that you needed?