Reapplication: Can we use the same document for accepted criteria

Hi everyone,
I have applied to GTV endorsement on September and got rejected for MC and OC3 but OC2 met.
I could understand that i need to update more evidence on OC3 and MC.

I m planning to reapply, Can I use the same reference, evidence documents for OC2 since it is already met. Also I want to use the same reference letters for OC3 but add more evidence.

Could it work? Those letters are signed in Jun/Jul/August. I m planning to reapply on next month. Will they consider those letters are outdated?

Thank you

@Francisca_Chiedu could you please guide on above? Thank you

You need to understand that every application is treated as a fresh application, and while you might have met the OC2 in a previous application, there is a higher chance someone else is going to be assessing your new application. While you have a good chance of getting the OC2 again, it is not guaranteed . Regarding your letters yes you can use them within 6 months from my experience .

You could use the same evidence accepted in a previous application if they meet the criteria, however, there is no guarantee an assessor will accept the evidence you in your new application. What is important is that the evidence you are usually shows you are exceptional and recognised as a leader or potential leader.

Thank you for all the replies, Actually I got the endorsement on appeal.