Ready to Apply for Stage 1, please help review

Hello all, Please I am finally ready to apply for stage 1, please help review / advise

Recommendation letters

  1. CTO of product led company I worked with in Nigeria
  2. CEO of another product led company that mentored me when I was getting started but knows about all my work
  3. Senior Software Engineer / ex-Engineering Manager of Top Tech company in the world (being with the company for 9 years)


  1. Technical contribution of work done at product-led company in the world (I led the development of one of the internal products), evidenced by my github screenshots
  2. Evidence for assessing the works of others (Interviewing candidates for the product-led company, and participating in code reviews for the candidates)
  3. Awards from competitions with over 2000 participants
  4. Evidence of developing reports for client companies


  1. Mentoring at national event for an NGO in the oil sector, to teach participants how to build tech tools for the oil sector. Screenshots of chats + letter of appreciation
  2. Reference Letter from the NGO, confirming my activity


  1. Significant contribution to developing services in the existing company which had a huge impact on metric the tool is measured in.
  2. Proof of employment, salary, and evidence supporting the high-rated employee in my country.

Please how strong is this?

Also, for the OC2, I actually have one more evidence I can use, however, there is a problem. I don’t have the screenshot of me doing the actual lecture during the program. I only have pictures I took with the participants AFTER the event was over. But I also have a letter of reference from my team lead at the time, confirming that I lectured in the event. Do you think I can still include it?

You don’t have any open source you have contributed to?

No I don’t. All my work are company based

I think the OC2 looks weak. I think you should also submit the reference letter for the other activity you mentioned. even then your chances are really up to how strong the panel sees your activities. Also It would be better to provide 10 evidences.

I am thinking of moving the award from competition to OC2, and adding that other one I mentioned to MC.
This is because I think MC is already strong without the award