Rate my profile for Stage1 Endorsement for Exceptional Talent (Not promise)

Brief about me:
Information Security professional with 18+ years of experience

[1] I been associated with dual employment for the past 5 years. Worked with 10 companies in 5 years and all are product based and digital companies. In total, I was associated with 19 companies in 18 years.
2. PhD in Information Security and published dozen technical papers
3. Trained more than 15k participants
4. Founder for InfoSec company (now dissolved).

Mandatory criteria
(1) Recommendation letter from Director at MNC.
(2) Recommendation from CISO from Malaysian company
(3) Referral letter from director and principle reseracher from a Non-profit organization
(4) Referral letter from Business development role (I did during start-up) from a Chief Product officer from a start-up (the start-up is my client).
(5) High salary in Malaysian company
(6) High salary in MNC
(7) Technical papers which I published in international journals. (Not top-notch journals though).

(1) Start-up company I started - salary, shares and bonus
(2) Company financial documents, formation, EIN, and Articles of association
(3) Recommendation letter from CEO and founder.

(1) Referral letter from my CEO and Founder of another start-up which i worked on
(2) salary and bonus
(3) design document and my contribution.

I read all the posts in this blog/forum and it helped me to choose my domains.
Although a bit confused on whether to choose Impact Vs Academia

Kindly rate my profile and provide any inputs please. I am planning to file it over this weekend. Thank you.
@Shreeniwas_Iyer @pont87

Your profile looks strong. All the best.

Thanks @Shreeniwas_Iyer Will keep you all posted after I file. thanks again.

My profile got rejected.
Looks I did not package it well.

They rejected it for Mandatory & one optional criteria.

Sorry to hear that. I genuinely believed (and still believe) that yours was a strong case.

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Hello @Shreeniwas_Iyer
As you know it’s crucial how some one package & narrate their story. You been great help in the process. Unless you see my entire profile & evidences you can’t tell the blunders / mistakes I did. Thanks fir the voluntary work you been doing. Really appreciate the dedication. Thank you.

Hi what was the feedback you received? I thought your profile looks very strong.

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Looks I did not package it well.

Filed on Sep 25 & result hardly took less than 3 days. (That’s the good part).

Out of 3 sections, one is mandatory & 2 optional.

They rejected in 2 sections (mandatory & one optional & cleared in another optional).


  1. No awards or rewards
  2. Technical papers does not has citations (they do I did not capture it but citations less than 20 may not care much).
    Although they agreed that the salary is higher side & recommendation alone won’t help (kinda mentioned).

I added the additional reference letters but they did not care about it much. I included on growth of non profit & business dev work. They did not care much.

For optional - product traction not mentioned & multiple product innovations needed.

At this point, decided to leave it & move to my plan B.

Appeal may not really help me. As I don’t have any awards & I cannot add new info, but will try but not positive.

Thanks every one for help.

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