Rate my profile (DevOps/Cloud) Stage 1 Talent

Hello everyone,

I intend to apply for the Global Talent Visa - Exceptional Talent.

I’m a DevOps engineer and Backend developer who has worked in the programming field for about 15 years and in DevOps for about 7 years.

Along with my work, I teach DevOps and Programming. More than 10,000 students have learned in my classes so far.

Before applying, I want you to rate my profile and suggest if I had to strengthen my evidence.

Personal Statement

About my plans to launch my own DevOps-related Cloud platform and DevOps e-learning platform.

CV + LinkedIn profile

Recommendation Letters

1- From one of our biggest national cloud companies that hold yearly startup cloud competition. I was able to achieve the silver prize in the competition last year. In this competition, I created my own cloud PaaS platform.

2- From the biggest data operator in my country that I have taught DevOps to hundreds of their technical team employees.

3- From another Cloud company that I had a direct impact in developing their cloud products and taught to their employees.


1- Document of 2 silver prizes in two cloud competition events.

2- Document of 7 extra recommendation letters from various tech companies.

3- Document of my publications on my personal blog, well-known platforms, channels, etc.

4- Document of speaking at various Linux, Cloud, DevOps events.

5- Document of my high revenue.

6- Document of my contribution to GitHub and various projects.

7- Document of my teaching, courses, classes and students.

8- Document of leading various Cloud and DevOps communities.

9- Document of publishing various free and open-source projects.

Thanks in advance.

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To update the process of applying Stage 1 for whom it may concern.

I got the endorsement letter! By this means, I intend to offer my best thanks to Home Office for this opportunity and Tech Nation for their bits of help.

Currently, I submitted Stage 2 completely.


Congratulations. Thanks for sharing.

Congrats to you. Well done