Quick question on qualifications - appreciated!

Hi everyone, very happy to have found this platform!

Context: I have roughly 8 years of experience, but the first 5 are in non-digital firms in performance Marketing and I transition to ecommerce starting year 6. I now work for Apple as a senior program manager in the online store department

Ask: will my experience in Apple counts? And will I still qualify for the promise route?

Appreciate it if anyone can share advice!

You can qualify for promise but you need to make it clear that your previous experience was not in a product-led digital technology company.

Thank you will do. Any idea on the experience in Apple too? Bit worried that it’s not considered digital

I don’t understand your question.

Sorry I meant would Apple count as a digital company? It sells proprietary digital hardwares so per definition i think it is (and I work in the online ecommerce department). But I also hear that this is not what TN typically considers as tech/digital companies

It is a digital technology company. Hardware is on the list.