Quick feedback for one piece of evidence (OC2)


Looking for feedback on this evidence for Optional Criteria 2.

I am joint first author on a paper published in an open source journal (BMJ Open). We conducted a nation wide study to assessing how human factors and UX design affected compliance of the NHS Contact Tracing App. Despite this being published through the lab I work at (Out of convenience), this work is by no means related to my current line of work (Can try proving this by sharing what I am currently working on), and was completed 100% out of work time. I do believe this work has contributed to digital health, especially in the realm of contact tracing.

Any thoughts would be appreciated, as I haven’t seen many others use open-source publications for OC2, but more so for OC4 (Which I believe I have covered through another first author publication).

Have a great weekend everyone :slight_smile: