Questions on Visa extension

Hi everyone!

Regarding extension of GTV, I understand from the government website that we need to provide the basics (e.g. BRP) and mostly importantly proof of income in the UK. Does anyone has experience or know the detailed mandates of this proof of income? For example does it need to cover the whole period when I’m on the GTV visa, does it need to be from a digital company, does it has to exceed a certain amount etc.

Any knowledge shared will be appreciated!
Many thanks everyone!

First, I am not a lawyer. But as far as I know from a lawyer, as you mentioned, the government website does not provide this information, which legally means that they do not require such thorough details. Basically, you will only need to provide at least 1 payslip that proves that you have contributed to helping the digital tech economy during your stay in GTV.

@GTVCH So you can give it a try or consult a lawyer. Please share and Llet us know if you have completed or gotten the answer. Best of luck.