Questions on Exceptional Promise

  1. I have worked at Mastercard which a digital tech company but in their analytics and consulting vertical for 4yrs and have now moved to another Fintech in product role. Will this count since I saw consultancies are not considered so confused?

  2. Can my Fintech experience of 4+years count as my qualification criteria

  3. I am working on an interesting product which is currently making waves all over the world - Buy Now Pay Later. Will this count as the must have criteria ‘employee working on an innovative product’

  4. I wrote a white paper and patent (not approved by US govt but Mastercard) so can this count as contributions outside work in digital tech field

Hi All

Would really appreciate if I could get some advice on this

In general it seems that you might have a case, but it is tough to parse anything based on your description. To get members to answer, perhaps you can add whether you are applying for Talent or Promise, and how you plan to structure your profile/evidence around mandatory and optional criteria?