Question on product-led digital technology companies


  1. Please does an EdTech focused on tech based training programs such as ‘Data Science, Data Analytics, Data Engineering’ and so on qualify as a product-led digital technology company?

  2. I’m a Data Scientist and I work as the Head of Training Operations for this EdTech company, am I qualified to apply for the visa? If I am, should I apply under Technical or Business Applicant?

@Francisca_Chiedu @aliko

What’s the product of the company? Is it physical training? Do you have digital courses like Udemy?

Importantly what evidence do you have to meet the mandatory and optional criteria?

The trainings are all virtual and digital courses are also available.

I’m putting in for Exceptional Promise.

For Mandatory Criteria:

  1. Exceptional Leadership: My Employment contract that shows that I lead all the operations of all Technical training programs, with a link to websites that shows my salary is in top 25% of my job role in my country

  2. Reference Letter from the Founder of the Tech School

  3. Talented Data Science/Analytics Instructor: Screenshots of Emails, LinkedIn messages I was headhunted to take training programs.

Optional Criteria 2
4. International and Domestic Voluntary Contributions: Endorsement letter from the founder of a Data Community talking about my contributions to the growth of the community and growth of other data newbies and enthusiasts. Another endorsement letter from a domestic data science community that I had speak engagements in.

  1. Nomination of Recognition as Outstanding Talent/Project Reviewer: screenshot of a nomination from a recognized awards institution on LinkedIn, also screenshots of LinkedIn posts I was tagged on to give project reviews and recommendations.

  2. Screenshots of recognition from Data community on Twitter and LinkedIn, endorsement letter from one of the community members.

  3. Voluntary mentorship and advisory: Screenshot and links to different posts I made on Twitter and LinkedIn about how people can kickstart their career in tech, also screenshot of LinkedIn mentorship chats

Optional Criteria 3
8. Talented Programs Instructor: Screenshot and link to rating form of training classes I took, screenshots of WhatsApp group chats showing student’s satisfaction, links to training classes and explanation on how the training programs offered contributes and impacts the sector.

  1. Snippets of free training programs organized by the company, I took the introductory part

10.Speaking Engagements: Screenshots and posters of twitter spaces that I co-hosted for the company talking about building a career in tech

@Francisca_Chiedu @May

Based on the evidence you have provided you do not have sufficient evidence to meet the criteria. For the mandatory criteria, you evidence do not show you have the potential to become a leading talent. How have you been recognised as a leader,do you have conference speaking events, award recognition? Other easily verifiable evidence. Salary and reference letters are not sufficient. Screenshots nof emails and LinkedIn messages clearly do not meet this criteria. You need to read the tech nation guide and compare the evidence list of other successful applicants to see that your evidence are not sufficient.

For OC2, you also have not provided sufficient evidence. Recommendation letters are not sufficient. Note that "You must be able to demonstrate a consistent track record of mentoring and have received recognition for your personal contribution. Mentoring at a university or a single startup is not sufficient. When mentoring alongside other mentors (for example at a top-tier accelerator) you must have been a senior mentor that may be evidenced through a letter of reference from the programme.

OC3 also do not meet the criteria.

Overall, I think you should take your time and build your evidence.what you have are mostly letters, posters, screenshots. How does this show you have have recognised? How does your evidence show your impact?


Thank you, I’ll work on it.

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My clear advice is usually no matter how non-existential a piece of evidence may seem to be, one should always to try demonstrate what that evidence is about in terms of innovation or impact.

Personally, to make your submission even stronger, I would recommend to aggregate similar evidences e.g. your OC2 6. and 7. are basically the same. I would look for a way to combine them so that I have room for an additional evidence.

This is important, because although as exceptional promise, you only need to satisfy one item under a criterion, you never can tell which would be considered strongest. So more evidences under the same criterion can help you reduce the odds.

And if you are financially well placed, attempting a submission never hurts. Before you do that, make sure that you have read, understood and compared your application documents with others on this forum.

More so, please make sure that reference letters really talk about your significant contributions (not just what you ought to do on the job). For instance, as Head of Training Operations, you work is to ensure that the “trainings go well”. But a significant contribution in your case could be speaking at an event that brought in 250 more students or introducing real time analytics to monitor student’s progress on your platform.

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Based on the information provided, your EdTech company focusing on tech-based training programs like Data Science, Data Analytics, and Data Engineering could be considered a product-led digital technology company. As the Head of Training Operations and being involved in the technical aspects of the business, you might be eligible to apply for the visa under the Technical Applicant category. However, I recommend seeking professional advice or consulting the visa requirements to ensure the appropriate application. Good luck with your visa application and your endeavors with the EdTech company!
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