Question on eligibility for promising talent with business skills

Hello everyone,

Thanks for great forum.

I am very new here and a bit confused how to start.

Basically my questions are as follows:

  • i am from developing country working for international development bank as a project coordinator. I have initiated a process of local digital education center expansion from my country to Germany financed by my employer. I have participated into the establishment process of that edtech center in Berlin serving as a bridge between my company and that center.

  • multinational software development company contacted me to find out ICT ecosystem in my country and i invited representatives and coordinated a startup acceleration/incubation program run by local accelerator in cooperation with that multinational company. I am currently a mentor for startups in that programm.

Do you think i could apply as a promising talent with business skills providing recomendation letters from 1. CTO from my employer, 2. Chief Innovation architect from software development company and 3. CEO of edtech company??

What is the difference between reference and recommendation letters?

Is there similar discussion in this forum?

Thanks a lot for your help.