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Hi all,

I’d really love some advice.

I am doing some ground-work on the Exceptional Promise programme with a view that I would like to submit an application in the next 6-months. Would it be possible to let me know your thoughts on the below & if you have any comments / considerations. I would like to get an idea if you think my application would be successful :

I work for a product-led digital technology company (Transurban). Transurban is the World’s biggest toll-road operators, but is also a digital company. They research & develop tolling & transport technology solutions & have two apps which users download to pay for their toll travel.

In terms of eligibility criteria, I would be applying for exceptional promise with 4 years experience as a Product Manager.

Evidence 1: Product Manager of the World’s First Ever Augmented Reality Dancing App. The app hit #1 on the Aus App Store, had 3.5M minutes of gameplay & 350k downloads over 6 weeks. Caveat: The app development was outsourced to Deloitte, however I was the Product Manager of the app.
The app won a B&T award in Australia in the category ‘Best Use of AR/VR’ for 2020.

Evidence 2: Product Manager which delivered a feature which enables 5M+ users to be notified in real-time of incidents & delays occurring on toll-roads, via push notifications. This initiative was rolled-out across the world’s biggest toll road product.

Evidence 3: Product Manager of the LinktGO app, which is a dedicated innovation product, which is exploring the future of electronic vehicles in Australia (Road User Charging) as well as what the future looks like in tolling. Caveat: Hopefully I will have more information on this once I submit the application – and be able to talk to numbers/ results.

Evidence 4: Product Manager on a $9M project to transform the primary mobile product for Australia’s 7th largest retailer. The transformation saw the app transition from a shopping assistant tool to an shoppable e-commerce application.

In terms of support evidence I would submit:

  • A letter from the Chief Customer Officer at Transurban detailing my efforts on the Linkt App & LinktGO projects mentioned above
  • A letter from the Director, Everyday Brand at Woolworths Group (formally the GM of marketing at Coles Group) detailing my efforts on the Coles App & Augmented Reality App projects mentioned above.

I welcome all responses & look forward to reading your thoughts.

Thanks in advance!

Hello Isabelle.

According to the Guide:

The “digital technology sector” or “product-led digital technology companies” are defined as businesses that provide a proprietary digital technical service/product/platform/hardware as their primary revenue source. The creation of software, processing/storage of data, or the creation/application of technical computing hardware is often a central aspect of their business model.

I took a brief look at the most recent Transurban Results Investor Presentation, and I see that company generates its revenue from tolls and construction. It is hardly a product-led digital technology company.

Also, according to the Guide, the Experienced Product Manager is eligible to apply as a business applicant.

And the Guide explicitly states:

Non-technical applicants from non-technical organisations are generally not eligible.

The exact requirements apply to your recommenders too.

That doesn’t mean that you are not eligible. But the case is not straightforward, and it should be prepared carefully and be very strong and straight to be considered by the Tech Nation assessor.

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