Question around employment in the application form

Hi, As I am filling out the form, I notice this:

I have been living in the UK (on a Tier 2 Visa), and so already have a job. So for the 2 questions asked above, do I just fill the same details? Or should I just fill the first question, and leave the second question blank. I didn’t want to do that because then it might appear to them that I don’t have a job in the UK (even though the address in the first question is that of a UK company).

Under “Are you currently employed ?” You can say “Yes” then include the details of the employer. “Have you been offered a job in the UK?" looks like it’s framed for those applying from abroad who may or may not be employed elsewhere but with a job offer in the UK.

Got it. So you’re suggesting, put No for the second option?

I’ll put Yes. It’s same organisation so they’ll see this anyway. I think they use it for their statistics so it makes sense that you’re currently employed and also have a job in the UK.