Query regarding optional criteria

Hi All,

I need some input for below criterias. I am bit bit confused.

  1. Optional criteria 2 -
    “Evidence of contributions to an Open Source project” - For this, can i show the POCs that I have done in my github profile.
    Also there is one more criteria which is “Your GitHub profile demonstrating active participation in a collaborative project”… For this, do i need to show the same thing here as well.

2)Regarding “Your Stack Overflow profile showing significant contribution to discussions around code” -
I have stackoverflow profile which is few months old. Can somebody roughly quantify “significant contribution”. I regularly use to contribute however the impact / viewers is in double digit yet. Are they not going to consider my eveidence?

Most important:
3)Optional Criteria - 3 -
"Documentation on product designs or architecture diagram clearly showing your contribution. "
I do have designed product however product designs are strictly confidential to a company and wont get clearance to share on public domain not atleast my company. Can anyone has any idea how to apply for this incase anybody has shown evidence for this criteria.

@Bhanu Hello, I selected optional criteria 3 (key Engineer at work) as one of my optional criteria. I just drew a rough sketch of the modules I worked on at my company as a Machine Learning Engineer. It doesn’t have to be detailed. I read somewhere that documents submitted to Tech Nation are kept secured. I told Tech Nation to keep it confidential from even my employers and the public.

I didn’t select optional criteria 2 in my application.

Cheers mate.