Query regarding documents in Stage 2 GTV

Hello All,

I got my stage 1 endorsement email last month and I am planning to apply for stage 2 now, outside the UK. I have the following queries and it would be great if anyone comment on the same.

  1. I am planning to apply visa for my wife along with me. Is it advisable to apply for stage 2 together? If anyone of you had done the same, please let me know if any other documents are required other than endorsement email copy, TB test report, account statement, passport and marriage certificate.
  2. I got one email from the home office regarding the endorsement recommendation. But, I haven’t got any other letter regarding the same. I hope the email would be enough. Please let me know if any other document is required regarding the endorsement.
  3. I would like to know the validity of recent visa vignettes. I heard that its validity is extended to 90 days due to COVID. Could anyone confirm the same; accordingly I can choose my travel dates.
  4. I have not booked any accommodation so far. Should I provide the accommodation details and proof of the same while filling the application?

Thanks for reading this post.

  1. Generally advisable - not mandatory
  2. Yes, that’s enough
  3. I can’t comment - let someone else add colour
  4. No need. Travel and accommodation should be planned after you get your vignette. UK doesn’t need this even for visitor visas, leave alone resident visas.
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Hi Arun
Congratulations on getting the endorsement. Sreeniwas has answered it all, just adding small nuances per my recent experience.

  1. Yes, I was in same situation (+ a Kid). List of documents are fine. We submitted the same.
  2. Yes, that mail is fine. Just take a print of mail for submission for visa processing centre and pdf for online.
  3. yes, it is for 90 days. Personal recommendation is to keep traffic light system into consideration also while deciding the date of arrival at UK
  4. No, not required. You can give address of your friend or relative wherever asked.
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Thank you very much Shreeniwas and @happysoul for your replies.

Dear @happysoul,
I was wondering if there is any separate procedure for applying two people at the same time. Or Is it simply two separate applications (one for me and one for my wife) with the same endorsement letter along with the required documents?


There would be separate application for you and your spouse.
Your spouse has to give URN no or Visa Application number of yours to tag her application to your application.

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Thank you very much for the clarifications.