Putting together Exceptional Talent application (Business)

Hey guys, I’m putting together my ET application and would appreciate your feedback on its strengths and weaknesses.

Mandatory criteria: being recognised as a leading talent

  1. External reference: my interview as a CEO and co-founder of an AI-based medtech startup with a leading industry journal detailing how I started the startup to solve a personal problem, the global scale of such problem, and how our product is addressing it.
  2. External reference: news clippings referencing me being a panel speaker at a number of events:
  • a generic tech event with close to 3k attendees from 50+ countries;
  • a virtual US healthcare conference, typically attended by approx 4k participants;
  • a virtual digital health meetup focused on patient empowerment with participants from 30+ countries;
  • a virtual pharma-led panel on a collaboration between industry players with 500 participants;

Optional criteria: innovation as a founder

  1. Shareholders agreement stating my position as a CEO and co-founder of the startup and listing my share ownership
  2. External reference: a news clipping stating our startup was selected as 1 out of 5 finalists of the #1 medtech accelerator, listing a 10k grant award. Over 500 companies typically apply.
  3. External reference: a news clipping stating our startup was selected as 1 out of 5 finalists of a pharma-led innovation program, listing a 30k grant award.
  4. External reference: a co-authored patent. Granted in one region, pending in others.

Optional criteria: impact / significant contribution

  1. My possibly biggest contribution has been the $2m+ pre-seed and seed rounds raised. How to best evidence that I was the person who did it, considering we didn’t announce the rounds? A reference letter from one of the investors could do it, but I’d rather use it as 1 out of 3 letters of recommendation.
  2. External reference: a co-authored clinical paper published in a high-impact peer-reviewed journal, detailing that I was one of the authors who did the study design.
  3. Internally, I led the creation of a new US-focused product, from defining app features to getting regulatory approval. Would also appreciate advice on how to best present it.

Recommendation letters:

  1. Managing Partner at an early stage healthtech VC fund that invested in the startup. Started career as a scientist working on new cancer therapies. Former co-founder of a medtech startup.
  2. Experienced medical device executive with multiple exits in his career, incl. a high 9-figure IPO. Currently serves on several companies’ boards, incl. ours. He advises me on commercialisation.
  3. Professor, a key opinion leader in our startup’s disease vertical, works at NHS. Member/chair of committees developing guidelines for the diagnosis and management of certain diseases. We worked together on the above-mentioned research paper (evidence #8), among other research activities.

What do you think?

Thanks so much in advance.

Upd. I’ve decided to support evidence #7 with the letter from the Managing Partner of the fund that invested in the startup (originally referenced as RL #1).

For RL #1 I’ll have the support of a Series A healthtech startup CEO (over 11m raised). Winner of Innovate U.K. funding. We worked together on procurement opportunities for my startup’s product.

Still hoping to receive some guidance from the experienced folks here. :wink:

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Did you manage to get your application submitted? What was the outcome and timeline?