Providing Company Data in Evidence

Hey everyone!
I had previously worked for 4 years for an EdTech unicorn and the products I was in charge of, made a substantial amount of user enrollments / revenue. However, I have switched my company and do not have access to those documents anymore.

My worry is that TN states that: “All referenced examples of work must also be accompanied by verifiable evidence (e.g. screenshots, press clippings, company-approved performance data, etc.) in order to qualify.”

Do you know how I could provide company-approved performance data? Certainly, I could highlight that the “cost of 1 piece of product is X and every month Y people purchased it” and provide the calculation from there. But wondering what would be a strong / legit evidence for this one.

Seeking your help @May and @Francisca_Chiedu
Thank you!

In addition to highlighting calculations, you can try to explain the products you launched and show proof that they are in the market and have traction (ie, screenshots of the website that show the product or feature is being offered or is successful). If you no longer have access to the data, I would supplement these claims with a reference letter from a supervisor or leader at the company. Maybe this person would also be happy to give you a screenshot of these metrics.


Thank you for your help!

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