Proof of Mentorship

Please how can I prove I mentor people on Data.

Does the telegram group or classes held count?


Was it a structred mentoring program? If you could get the reference letter from the organisers then that would help


Please How do i present it as structured. I created the group and i mentor there

From technation guide.
Evidence of mentorship must be for activity outside the applicant’s organisation or normal course of work duties and excludes mentorship of other commercial organisations as part of a commercial arrangement. Mentorship should be on behalf of a structured programme with selection criteria and is inclusive of non-profit charities and social mentorship programmes. You must be able to demonstrate a consistent track record of mentoring and have received recognition for your personal contribution. Mentoring at a university or a single startup is not sufficient. When mentoring alongside other mentors (for example at a top-tier accelerator) you must have been a senior mentor that may be evidenced through a letter of reference from the programme. Note that simply training a colleague, providing general support or advice, or advising at a company of someone you know is not considered to meet the definition of mentorship.

I doubt if that is accepted as a structred mentoring program because anyone can create telegram group, hard to validate the credibility even though your case might be a genuine case.

Mentoring should be work outside of your work occupation. Secondly you have to proof that it was structured by providing website, you have to show that it was impactful by providing details and video links of

When they say u need to prove advancement of the field, what do it mean??

I got this feedback from open source and mentorship