Proof of credentials - for authors of recommendation letters

The guideline states that each recommendation letter must 'Come with the author’s CV (or other proof of their credentials that the endorsing body will accept)

Will LinkedIn profile be sufficient?

Yes, a link to the individual’s LinkedIn profile can be provided.

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All my recommenders had half a page, or about 2 paragraphs explain who they are, and a link to their LinkedIn profile either in header or under their signature.

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Dear All,

Please I need further clarifications regarding this same issue.

  1. If I am to provide the CVs of the authors of the letters of recommendation,
  • Would this be counted as part of the the 10 evidences?

  • If each of the CVs are less than 3 pages, is it advisable to merge them so as to be within the restricted number of pages and list of documents?

  1. What other prove of their credentials can be used apart from linkedIn pages?

  2. Is it okay to show the links to their linkedin pages when making reference to each of the letters and their authors?

Your comments and advice would be appreciated.

Many thanks.


You’d have to upload it as a single file so each CV is merged with the letter written by the recommender. CVs are not not part of the 10 evidence. (CV + Recommendation letter ) are not part of your 10 evidence. I will recommend you read the guide, there is a document checklist in the tech nation guide that says what you need.

  1. If they have strong online presence and detailed public bio you can use in place of CV but most people use LinkedIn.
  2. It is up to use, reduce your use of links, don’t make this complicated. You can just put the LinkedIn at the end of the letter.


Many thanks for the prompt response. Appreciated.

Hi Francisca,

If my recommendation letter is full three pages, can I merge the CV (3 pages) in the file of the recommendation letter? I mean does the CV count in the 3 pages limit of the recommendation letter?
The recommender doesn’t use Linkedin so I can’t just attach the Linkedin link. Thanks in advance.

Hi, @Sandra82801 you can merge ur recommender’s CV with the recommendation letter.

Does the CV count in the 3 pages limit of the recommendation letter? It doesn’t count within 3 pages limit of documents.

Lastly, you should read the forum thoroughly before asking a question because your questions/doubts might have been answered in the forum.

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TN guide states that Rec letters should:

  • Be up to 3 single sides of A4 paper, excluding the author’s credentials and contact details
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Thank you so much for the reply. I understand now.

Thank you so much. :smiley:

Thank you!! This answers my question too. Just to confirm please: My all LoRs and evidence letters are 2 pagers and they have added LinkedIn profile link at the end simply after their email address. Is it good to go?