Promise rejection - please help with the review

Applied on 11th Mar and got the rejection letter today. I’m on T2 visa and applied within the UK.

The panel feedback is:

The candidate has applied with optional criteria 1 and 3 (innovation and impact). The candidate has not provided sufficient information to be endorsed for exceptional promise.

The candidate is clearly a well-regarded colleague who has been involved in developing and deploying solutions using her expertise as a data scientist at several well-known businesses. She has shown how she has deployed innovation in the payments space at XXX and deployed ML in regulation at ZZZ
which supports the fulfilment of optional criteria 1.

The candidate’s work on projects has also
demonstrably impacted the businesses, and she has shown how her work is a contribution to both
XXX and YYY fulfilling Optional Criteria 3.

However, the candidate has regrettably not shown her extraordinary ability by emerging national or
international recognition or demonstrated a level of emerging expertise, placing her at the forefront of
data science. The candidate’s letters of recommendation and remuneration show a well-regarded
colleague. Her speaking opportunity at a well-known EU Uni is encouraging but insufficient to
show emerging public recognition. The candidate needs to show more evidence to be endorsed for the mandatory criterion.

I’m currently a senior data scientist currently working at a well-known tech company. I have 4 years of experience in data science transitioning from a non-stem background and previously I worked for a reputational bank and a giant global tech.

Feedback suggests that OC1 and OC3 passed but MC didn’t. And for MC I provided below documents:

  1. 90% above average salary, stock, and promotion at my current company, a well-known tech company
  2. A high salary at 90th percentile of the same job title from that EU country at my previous company, a well-known digital bank in EU
  3. Letter of recommendation from a Data Science manager from FAANG, describing my skills, impact, evidence of being a leader through mentorship programs, and the potential to be a leader
  4. Evidence of speaking at a tech career conference for MBA students at a top university, guests including the Head at FAANG, the Head at a leading investment bank, and Senior manager at a giant tech. Evidence including screenshots of the conference, a reference letter from the organizer and thank letters from students.

Letter of Recommendations:

  1. From a Product Director at my current company, with rich leadership experience across the tech industry
  2. From a Staff Product Manager at my current company, with a great public profile
  3. From the Head of Product at a giant merchant, with an impressive career history
    They all have addressed my skills, impact(driving >£500M revenue), leadership through mentorship and leading teams and potential in the letters

In addition, I’ve also mentioned in my CV doing a voluntary mentorship program at global women in tech organization.

Could I get some guidance to understand if it is worth appealing and if yes, what should I focus on?

Sorry your application was not successful. You can point them to how you meet the criteria. Typically for promise you need to be assessed with two evidence. It appears they don’t think the four are strong enough. You can refer to evidence not mentioned if that’s the case


Thank you @Francisca_Chiedu for your reply.

Typically for promise you need to be assessed with two evidence

Do you mean for MC? I can’t find it in the TN guidance, I can’t find anything around public recognition being a mandatory requirement for MC neither(the main reason I was rejected for)

Public recognition is a good evidence for MC.

Understood. But I thought missing it or having a less strong evidence here wouldn’t necessarily lead to a rejection, while I have several other strong evidences