Promise endorsement with more than 5 yrs experience

Has anyone received a Promise endorsement successfully with slightly greater than 5 years of experience like around 6-7 years of experience?

Are there some things by which we could prove that its last 5 years since we really shined in our field although our experience might be 7-8 years on CV?

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The idea of Exceptional talent is that if the applicant has been in the field long enough (this case is 5 years), the person should be able to demonstrate that he/she should have already been an EXCEPTIONAL Talent, NOT a promising talent anymore.

I usually see that the assessor would see if you have more than 5 years of experience, then they will evaluate the applicant on the Exceptional Talent route anyway—Vice versa.


There’s been such a case where the candidate justified a career break to take up an education. However, I’ll advice anyone with more than 5 years experience to prepare their application for Talent even if they apply for Promise under any form of justification. There could be chances they’ll be assessed as Talent as it lies solely on the assessor’s discretion to honour such justification.

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Hello @May, what do you advise for an applicant with 5yrs 8months experience in tech? Talent or Promise?