Profile Review Support (thanks in advance)

Hi everyone! I received a rejection this morning that stated that I hadn’t done a great job showing evidence for any of the criteria. I have figured out a more effective format to present my evidence, but could use support in reviewing the application to get a sense for if I’m a good fit.

For context, I’m applying for exceptional promise. I am the Head of Content and Education at a small UK-based SaaS start up that has recently scaled to about ~$5mil in recurring revenue. I lead a marketing team of 12 and have increased leads by 100s of thousands over the duration of my tenture with the company.

I will have three letters of recommendation from the CEO of my company and the CEOs of two other product-based companies that I have consulted with (all three PhDs).

Thanks for the support; based on notes I am updating. This is helpful :slight_smile:

Here’s what I am considering using:


  1. Letter of recommendation from my direct supervisor, a senior executive, detailing the impact of my leadership of the marketing team on revenue + leads.

  2. Letter of recommendation from a professor in my field at USC detailing my impact through speaking at specialist events in the industry.

  3. Salary showing >$200K USD salary, bonus, and equity options in my company.


  1. Evidence of a new use of content that I conceptualized for both lead generation and acquisition, which basically shows a way to repurpose blog content into our SaaS product (screenshots of the feature, description of the process, testimonials from users of how this innovation has made them switch from competitors to our product)

  2. Evidence of a new product line for the company that I have solely conceptualized and executed in 2021 (it’s been in beta testing, presenting evidence of the results of the test [350x return on investment, 1200+ beta users], how it’s innovative in the field [our company is the only one in this field diversifying revenue this way])


  1. Evidence of working as a mentor and then mentor program manager for a training program for women of color looking to transition into digital marketing at product-led businesses. Have letters of support, evidence of impact of my direct mentees (through jobs they’ve attained)

  2. Evidence of speaking on the importance of editing technology and digital education for an established skills-building company with a letter from the event organizer, links to replay, and viewership information.


  1. Evidence of a new content ideation process I developed for use by my company that prioritizes content for creation based on anticipated search traffic and measures target rank versus projected rank. Will have screenshots of the process, testimonials from an SEO expert on the impact and scalability of the process both within my company and externall, as well as results in terms of traffic and leads

  2. Evidence of a new lead generation process through virtual events that I developed for my company that has generated more than 100,000 new leads for the company and more than $500K in directly attributed revenue. Will have screenshots of the events + leads generated, testimonials from my team, screenshots of revenue.

  3. Evidence of revenue generated for a previous organization which quadrupled their previous sales records, will include testimonial from organization, screenshots of revenue growth and process.

I guess my questions are: does this profile seem to make sense for the exceptional promise route (I’ve been in the field less than five years; was a classroom teacher previously)? Does where I’ve placed the evidence make sense?

Are you aware Tech Nation application is not suitable for those working as consultants or working in consulting. You have also not listed how you meet the leadership criteria.

Hi, thanks for your response! Yes, those are all just supplemental to my main role. I lead a marketing and content team of 12 at a UK-based SaaS company.

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Please, I’d like to ask; if I am working at one of the big four, not as a consultant, but as a software engineer developing internal applications. Does it count?

Yes. You need to show evidence that you meet the criteria.

Thank you so much Francisca. I am grateful for your response.
I just join the big four from a product-centric company only for 5 months now.
Got to know about the UK Tech Nation Visa scheme only yesterday. The youtubers I watched their videos cancelled out big 4 that’s why I was wondering whether or not I qualify.

Thanks a lot.

You should read the tech nation guide.

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yes I will. Thank you very much. I was able to find you on LinkedIn. Sent a connection request.

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