Profile Review - Please rate my profile

Hi everyone, I’, preparing for applying for the GTV under exceptional talent. I’m a software engineer and founded a B2B SaaS solution for automotive industry that provides access and information about spare parts.


  • Founder of GEN (Global Entrepreneurial Network) New Zealand and Managing Director of a virtual accelerator for startups with exceptional profile.

  • CEO of a nationally recognized spare parts company that uses our solution.

  • CEO and founder of an investment Holding company with lots of companies under their belt including venture builders, and Investment Fund in UK. This company has invested in my startup.

Mandatory Criteria:
1- Certificate Letter of working as a panelist in the most recognized government owned tech innovation support venture
2- Term sheet of raising $4M as investment in my startup
3- Certificate of ownership of my startup

Optional Criteria 1:

  • My platform is at pre-revenue stage, I do not have significant track of revenue, but I have more than 2000 companies registered and have track of activities such as number of searches, number of search results provided (more than 1 million result in 1 year). How can I provide evidences in this area?

  • News clipping of investment round closure.

Optional Criteria 2:

  • Certificate of mentorship in 2 accelerators programs
  • StackOverflow profile (2950 reputation points)
  • Public Speaking events

Optional Criteria 3:

  • Software architecture documentation for my platform
  • Screenshot of my contribution to the development of the platform
  • Client letter showing the impact of my platform on their business
  • Testimonials of clients on my website

My concern: I don’t have an idea of what evidence could be demonstrated as proof of impact or innovation.

I think you profile is good but you need to add explanatory notes in most of your evidence and show how you meet the criteria. Your recommendation letter could be better the CEO of an automobile company may not be suitable, I am also not sure of your third recommendation, does the person have a tech background, just working or leading an investment fir may not be enough.

Hi Francisca,

The third person doesn’t have a tech background, but owns several tech companies under his Holding company. However, I ended up not going with that person and the CEO of the automotive company. I replaced them with high profile names in tech industry, CTO of a 100M dollar company, and an ex General Manager in a regional Unicorn.

And yes, I got the endorsement today :slight_smile:


congratulations. Well done!


I can only say a strong application guarantees TN Endorsement.