Profile review help [Tech - Marketing & BD]

Hi everyone, this group is amazing, I have been following the posts for a few days now, I have learn’t so much about the application process, really can’t thank the volunteers enough.


I have been working in marketing and business development roles in product led tech companies [Alibaba Group’s Lazada (14K employee company in Southeast Asia) - Senior Vice President in a marketing function for 1 year (present) in Singapore , video streaming company marketing lead for 3 years in Singapore, price comparison startup (raised 20 million usd till date) Founding team & VP BD for 1.8 years in Malaysia, BDM & launch team in India for 3 years].

I am planning to apply to GTV under business as that is where my profile suits the most. I have a few queries, which I am listing below and request experts here to provide guidance.

KC1 : My user growth and P&L performance in the roles is my strongest suit, I have scaled users and partners 200-300% year on year in my current and previous roles, I currently manage a multi-billion P&L, I plan to submit LoR from EVP in Alibaba group Lazada (know for 1 year and have worked for 1 year in this current role) and CEO of the video streaming company (know him for the past 4 years, worked with him for 3 years) these two letters will talk about the 200-300% growth, I can also get a LoR from a cofounder in my price comparison startup that shows my contribution towards the growth of company. (Can I submit all 3 letters for KC1 evidence or should I pick 1, if I have to pick one which one should I got for?)

I also plan to submit a Compensation letter including ESOPs. Current FY projections and P&L performance so far compared to targets (will be covered in LoR, as Lazada is not a public company yet).

QC1 :

I plan to submit a LoR from industry experts (Tech leaders in Singapore, VCs in Japan for my startup role) on the innovation done in product and business strategy for 3 use cases. How change in product strategy helped sales & revenue. In the roles I worked with PM to define strategy, execution and sales.

I also conceptualised fintech innovation with banks in my current role, can get reference letters from senior leadership in the bank.

QC3 : Letter from employer showcasing contribution towards revenues and sales. Impact on revenue, profits and customers I have increased over the years. The letter can showcase increase in revenue of verticals which I have been managing.

Work done outside of my role:

I also plan to submit a reference letter from a professor to showcase the collaboration done with one of the top business schools in Singapore teaching digital services & mentoring students for a digital career for a year.

I have consulted 3 companies outside of my work as an expert in e-commerce and online media. I also run digital initiatives through my Alumni association for digital enablement in social sector.I can get reference letters for the same.

I frequently participate in panel discussions and conferences (about 10-12 in the past 5 years), I have news articles quoting my participation and agenda on conference websites.

Please let know if the evidences and examples I quoted are good enough to make a strong case. Really appreciate the help in advance.

I hope you have read the current Tech Nation guide as i see you are using the term Key criteria and Qualifying criteria. You recommendation letter should not be only people you have worked with. You can also use people in your industry who know your work. I am not sure which optional criteria you are you choosing, are you showing proof of innovation and impact?

Anyway, i think you may be a good candidate but you may not be selecting the criteria suited for your experience. Good luck.

Thanks a lot for the inputs @Francisca_Chiedu let me fine tune accordingly. Really appreciate your input. I will reach out to a few industry leaders as well.

Yes I am planning to use innovation and impact as optional criteria.

just ensure your mandatory criteria shows your leadership role in your sector like speaking events, articles and other contributions.

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How did this go? Would you be open to sharing your documents? I am applying for Marketing Business Impact and Innovation too.