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Dear All,

Need feedback and review of my profile. Any with a digital HR or similar background here? I am planning to apply for a global talent visa under “promise”.

About me:
12+ years’ experience in global roles in HR across Europe, North America and Asia with expertise in Digital HR transformation, HR Technology Roadmap, Scale-up Strategies International expansion. (incl 6 years in Digital Tech Companies)
 Demonstrated success in scaling up tech companies. A company, I scaled up is recognized by Gartner (the accolade came after I moved on), but I was recognized with CEO’s Global Excellence award (an internal award)
 Lived and worked in UK, USA, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia & India
 I regularly speak in Global Conferences/Summits on Digital HR, HR Technology & AI, Digital Workplace, Digital Employee Experience and enjoy deep connections in the global tech communities.
 Top 10 ENGG College in India,
 One of the Top MBA Institute India,
 Masters in Non-Tech Degree, from a top UK university

Professional Global Certifications: 03

My earlier speaking engagements :
 HRM Summit2021: HR Tech Trends - (AI’s impact on Recruitment & Employee Experience)
 HR Tech Symposium 2021: Digital Employee Experience & Hybrid Workforce of the future.
 Future State & Skills in HR: Key skills to build a global HR career in a digital world
 Invite ONLY Membership- HR Advisory Panel for Product Tech Company

I have upcoming speaking engagements in South Africa and USA in the next month on:
1.Shifts and Trends in Digital Employee Experience
2.Automating Human Resources: AI’s role in Human Capital Management.
3. Volunteer contributor for Not for Profit – developed, published explainer videos on HR Tech
4. Mentor for Tech Fest (one of the IITs)


  1. Do I have the right background to apply for Tech Nation Visa under business skills (Promise)
  2. I’m looking to apply in Feb -Mar 2022. Since speaking opportunities in global conferences are very competitive and take months of planning, before one gets it, based on the expertise. The speaking opportunities I have been in prep stage more than18 months. Will it appear that I have an external profile only in the last 6 months or so? And may go against me, and impact endorsement? Should I wait longer?
  3. On Reference letters, does the referee need to be have a strong external profile (speaker, interviewed, in news print, online etc). Not all people have it. Is this a necessity? I know they need to be VP, CTO, CEO etc. Will someone who is a Director and Head HR for a Tech at another Company work? (They were my colleague). I could check with someone who understand and vouch for my impact in my current company, but it has risks and may jeopardise my current employment. If they do agree, is it okay if the letter is not on a company letterhead? There are others who may be able to give be a reference letter but may not have worked with me, will that work?

I think you first need to read the Tech Nation Guide
what you have shared clearly shows you have not gone through the guide. It is easier to provide feedback when you have evidence that suggests you meet the requirement for endorsement. Lastly if you are trying to use recent conference or speaking events, tech Nation is no longer considering evidence that are close to the timing of you application


Could you please explain what do you mean by “close to the timing of your application”? How close is so close?

Tech Nation didn’t specify. I think 1-4 months is still recent.

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Thanks for your response

Hi Francisca, can you please point me to where it says that? I don’t see anything about events being close to the timing of the application. Thanks

It specified it for Patent application but could be implied for most evidence. Best not to focus your evidence on things done around the timing of your application. At the end of the day, it is up to you to interpret the guide the way you want. I don’t work for Tech Nation, I am just sharing my opinion based on my experience.