Profile evaluation: Exceptional promise

Mandatory Criteria: Open source solution, cited in 4 research papers and 2nd rank in the competition.
Document 1: Sequentially for 4 papers, research paper title, URL for paper, page number, and a screenshot of paper citing my open-source solution. Also, for each paper, research impact factor if the conference where it was published.
Document 2: Screenshot and URL of the conference where the open-source helped get 2nd rank. Screenshot from solution where my open source was used, along with URL.
Document 3: Github contribution screenshot and URL. Download statistics of 10000+ as screenshot and URL.

Optional Criteria 2: Mentoring for an AI course for 2 years
Document 1: page1: Email conversation for appointment 2 years ago, with clear duties and responsibilities of mentoring. Page 2: Email conversation with the institute confirming how many students and batches I have taught for 100+ sessions. successful career transition by 15 students.
Document 2: Teaching certificate from the institute stating my joining date with the institute and how many students I have taught, signed by the director of the institute. Numbers and dates match in both documents.

Optional Criteria 3: Worked to create an in-house solution for creating AI-based data taxonomy 4 years ago. This helped save the license cost of taxonomy and expand into new domains.
Document 1: 2-page news article stating the product for which I used to work as one of the top 20 big data marketing companies, with URL of the article.
Document 2: PRNewswire article mentioning company uses NLP for creating data.
Document 3: Architecture diagram of the taxonomy and integration in a production engine
Document 4: Recommendation letter from database admin of the company, stating the cost-saving for taxonomy licensing, how many millions of rows of data were added into the database because my taxonomy work enabled the company to expand into a few new domains without paying additional license cost. Additional revenue number in millions earned because of expansion into a few new domains with the help of my taxonomy work.
Document 5: My appointment letter and employment contract with the company.

Recommendation letters

  1. Director of product, with whom I worked 6 years ago for creating price optimization algorithm
  2. VP, digital transformation with whom I worked 7 years ago for creating data mining solutions
  3. CTO of the company with whom I worked 4 years ago highlighting my work in creating taxonomy using AI.

I think you profile looks great, you just need to present your evidence well. You have over 5yeaes years of experience, why are you applying for promise?

I am not sure if I can get the Talent visa, because looking at profiles of people who have got the Talent visa since last year, I think people who are really exceptional do get it. 2 of my previous colleagues with the same background as mine got it 2 years and more than 1 year ago respectively. But nowadays I think it’s more stringent. I consider myself above average in my profession but not exceptional. So want to play safe. Thank you Francisca for evaluating my profile and for your kind words.

You are welcome but the asessor may query you promise application and say you have more than the years for promise. I have seen that happen. If you have evidence of speaking at conference and other evidnce, i think you should go for talent.

Don’t under-rate yourself.

I haven’t spoken at any conference though and neither hold VP or Director level job title. Either of these two could have helped my case. This is the only thing stopping me from applying for Talent instead of Promise. I doubt if I will get accepted at current profile for Talent. Thanks for the encouragement though.

Do what you what’s best for you.

You don’t have to be a VP or director to be endorsed as exceptional talent. Do what works for you.

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I applied for exceptional talent and received my rejection.

For mandatory criteria, it was commented that it’s not enough and there is not much traction for open-source.

For optional criteria 2, comments were that there is not much detail about the exact nature and duties of mentoring. Funny thing that I have the specific email from institute which defined what all should be done for mentorship.

For optional 3, comment is that everyone who works as data scientist does it and I haven’t done anything exceptional.

Anyway, it was great experience and I learnt a lot from the process. Thanks everyone.

Hi Anon,

I can understand why they rejected MC and OC2 as there is a lot of room for error but your OC3 looks very strong. Any chance you can post the exact message and cause for rejection sent by technation? As @Francisca_Chiedu mentioned, your profile does look strong.

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Hi Anon, it seems as if you were assessed as a Exceptional Talent rather than Promise due to your years of experience. If you can paste the feedback on the rejection, we can better help you with the appeal process.

Hi @Farzad_Sunavala. Do you think he was rejected for OC3 because a marketing company might have equated to a service led company rather than a product led company?