Product-Lead Digital Technology Company

I have earlier worked for a government agency that manages digital identity of citizens. Its major revenue source is via a product they developed for verification of citizens identity. I have read the definition of ‘product-led’ company in technation website but wondering if a government agency as described above can qualify for such.

did you build the product?

Yes @Francisca_Chiedu. My only concern is that its a government agency that manages citizens identities and generate bulk of its revenues from verification of citizens data. Will anyone possible argue that its product-led since its govt agency?

If it is the organisation i think it is, it is not a product-led company, their mandate is not what you have described. however, if your are a technical applicant and have other evidence to meet the mandatory and optional criteria you may be eligible.

Thanks once again @Francisca_Chiedu, there mandate is to manage and operate national identity database and verification is there core revenue stream. Since I ve spend so long in the organization, some of my evidence revolves around what i have accomplished there.

Yes, I am a Technical applicant. So if I get you, your advise is that i don’t include this in my list of evidence as there chances it will be rejected? So even If I led development of products (as Tech lead) that generate huge revenue, it wont be accepted since the organization isnt considered product-led?

Also, as i said, verification is the principal revenue stream. But its government. So I guess the question is, does been a government agency means an organization can not be product-led even if principal source of revenue is via a product?

Thanks for your support

I am not convince the said organisation is a product-led digital technology company. I said show you have evidence to met the mandatory and two optional criteria.

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Yes @Francisca_Chiedu, I have evidence to meet mandatory and optional criteria. but those evidences are inconsequential if they are in relation to an organization that is not considered ‘product-led’

I do have have an idea which company you are referring to and I certainly think you stand a chance.

Don’t over think the word " Product Led". Its as simple as a company that runs and monetize via a digital tech product and not services.

This company is using a digital product to achieve its aim. Its as simple as that. Without the product the company is as useless as it comes.

Since you are a technical applicant, build your evidence based on your input and achievements and how it has provided value in the larger eco space.

I had a similar case also, where a product I built was used for financial inclusion, poverty alleviation and micro loan grants at retail micro level. This product was built and used by a government agency, Revenue was made from the service offered via loan repayment, transaction fees etc. The fact that it is government doesn’t change anything.

They also boosted my evidence with so many PRs and news clipping. Funny fact, my name was not on any of the news clipping. I built my one of my mandatory using this product, where I used the following format…

  1. I spoke about the product and what it does
  2. The need for it at that moment and how important it is for the retail space in Nigeria. How we have moved poverty from this percent to that, improved standard of living, provided jobs to agents who does disbursments, collection, mapping etc…
  3. Then spent time talking about how I designed the PRD, came up with the design, ideated the feature, worked with my devs and all the challenges around it.
  4. Added a news clipping of its go live and built a track record of the roll out.
  5. Then measured the impact of the product via numerous metrics, added news clipping etc.

In between all the above, I inserted snapshots and Google doc links to my evidence and all.

I had the PRDs, Technical Documentations, Figma designs and the different sprints I ran. I attached them as snapshots and Google links to drive home my engagements and proof my point.

Go for it.

Thanks you so much @Smithorian and @Francisca_Chiedu

You both are awesome