Prepartion for Application for exceptional promise

Hello All,
First of all a big thank you to this community for helping me out till now in every step .
Now that I have a clear understanding of the whole process and my situation I am planning to gather the documents I have and start the process.
Please have a look at the documents I have and if anything else could be added.
I have been working as a full-time quality assurance engineer for last 3 years in Germany and along side finishing my studies in Masters in web and data science (finished it this month).

Track exceptional promise:

MC1:( confused)

  1. I have been working as a Software tester for last 3 years in Germany fulltime and I have made architectures from scratch in two companies which has led to improve the quality of their code .
    In my current company I have created AI powered chatbot for the customers to interact with and which has led to more customer retention .
    This is not my job role as I am not a software developer. this is outside my role. i have all the architectural designs for it.

  2. I am contributing to public repos on github regularly, and also reviewing PR’s for open source repos on GitHub. (it has been last 6 months I have been doing this, as I the workload of fulltime job and University was a lot before, so started recently)

  3. enrolled in Meet a mentor platform and ADPlist hoping that till the time of application i can get some mentees for a stronger case. (mentored a ukranian refugee on personal basis , but I am sure that does not count)

Not sure what i can use them as MC1 please help here.

OC1:( contribution to the company)
LOR from current director of quality in my company
LOR from current director of product
LOR from CTO of my current company
Salary proof of 85k+
Company private gitlab details showing my code contributions.

OC2:( potential leader)
I have a proof that in 6 months of working in my current company in was given a bonus, and within one year of working here i was promoted to QA lead possibly showing the potential. Driving the AI initiatives in my company to manage the ROI of initiatives and managing the developers to get the functionality to production.

OC3:(continuous learning)
i have been taking continuous training on leading teams and soon will be taking coaching for agile and waterflow models. Also was doing my masters during my time of employment till now.( so 3 years work masters plus full time employment)

Are these good enough proofs? what should i move where ? would love to know your views.
cc @Francisca_Chiedu @ask4jubad @alexnk @igortsk
I would really appreciate your feedback

Hello @Sharma.shray
Thank you for making this post. I am a Software Quality Assurance Analyst with over 5 years’ experience who also has been looking for guide on how to apply for exceptional promise.

It is my great pleasure to be on this forum.

Thank you all.

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are there any mentions of your name in the media/speeches?

no sadly not. i do not have media mentions

You need to make it first of all