Please review stage 1 promise application

Hello everyone, please help take a look at my documents for application But intro about me first

  • Current work as android engineer for a US company
  • moved to the UK on dependent’s visa
  • won a hackathon in 2018
  • left school in 2020.


  • CTO of current company
  • CEO of a large fintech who I’ve worked with in the past
  • COO of crypto company who I also worked with in past


  • High current salary
  • hackathon victory (news article, showing my name and picture)


  • Proof of innovation: Two Google patents for company where I work as employee (not founder) in field of remote health monitoring filed in 2017/2018
  • Proof of product in market: Crunchbase screenshot and link of company funding, App Store links, as well as
  • Reference letter for me from Product Manager


  • GitHub screenshots of code contribution for current company
  • Architecture diagram of app that I drew at current workplace (showing my name on it)
  • Screenshot of a LinkedIn review from my previous manager at current company
  • Github code screenshots of previous product-led company I worked at. I can also add crunchable funding screenshots here.

It would be nice if you beefed up your MC a little bit. I fear that it is light in evidence.

Regarding your OC1, were you already working in the company when the patents were filed and what was your direct contribution?

Instead of this and/or in addition to this, why not get reference letter from them?

Thank you for your feedback @ask4jubad!

No, I was not working there at the time, but I do lead a team there now and work with the devices the patents were filed for.

He is not currently accessible and may not be for the next few months

Don’t you think it would be hard to prove then?

What about someone else?