Please review my Product Manager Talent profile

Hey there!
Please help me review the evidences I am planning to provide for the Global Talent Route (Iā€™m a Product Manager) & let me know if these evidences would work.

(A quick background on me: I have total 5 years of work experience where I worked as a PM for an EdTech unicorn for 4 years + 1 year for an AI startup as a PM. In my Cover Letter, I will be mostly taking about me being an expert in the field of Product Management, Computer Science, EdTech & AI & use proofs from my work + academics for the same)

Letters of Recommendations
1. Person A = Head of Strategy at Coursera, USA
~~ (ex-PM at Amazon, Microsoft, Udacity, studied CS from UC San Diego)
2. Person B = AVP at an EdTech Unicorn with annual revenue of around $300 million
~~ (Head of Data Science Division at this unicorn, studied from IIT Bombay)
3. Person C
~~ (Founder & CEO at a AI Automation company from the USA who raised funding of $2 million last year + ex-Microsoft Principal Engg. Manager at Washington)

2. Proof of commanding a high salary ---->>> (salary = $62,000) ā€”>> much higher than the avg PM in India (will show avg PM salary in India from Glassdoor)

3. Academic degree from IIT Delhi ---->>> ranked at 48th in the QS Rankings of Best Engineering & Technology Universities globally with a selection rate of 0.5% among all applicants; I was part of their Computer Science program

4. Was awarded the DAAD Scholarship in 2019 by the Govt of Germany where I undertook research subjects on AI, Cryptography & Security for 6 months. I was only 1 among 3 people selected globally that year ā€”>> will show acceptance letter + scholarship awarded + transcripts of my studies there

5. Proof of my work at the EdTech unicorn (my Employer X) via a reference letter from ex-manager who is an ex-Program Manager in an AI Team at Google, California. I have created numerous video courses myself for this EdTech unicorn & I will show their course website with my name on it as one of the key creators of this technology course

  1. In my second startup, I will show key integrations with OpenAI, other third party softwares which I headed + other key platform peformance improvements + graphs of weekly users & how it has improved under my presence

  2. I will show my mentorship experience of a social impact startup (during their ideation / validation phase) + get a reference letter from the person in charge + show acceptance letters from other mentorship programs where mentors are selected based on merit

  3. Proof of being a Jury Member / Panel Judge at 2 social-impact incubators in India (via Linkedin posts, photos)

  4. A single news clipping from a Business Journal (from Oct 2023) calling out my work towards the advancement of the EdTech sector & how AI will impact lives of people

  5. Proof of speaking at an e-Conference at UK (held virtually) in Dec 2023 & also received Best Presentation Award ā€”>> proof will be provided in terms of the best presentation certificate + schedule list / flyer with my name on it besides 30 other speakers

Please suggest to me how the evidences look so far, and if there might be gaps/mistakes in them which I could fix. Thank you very much!

Hi, if you can arrange your evidences based on mandatory criteria and optional criterias you selected, this would help for you to get reviews.

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