Please Review My Exceptional Promise: Digital Marketing

Hello everyone - After going through numerous posts on this platform, I’ve been working on putting together my application, and I’m planning to apply for Exceptional Promise. I would be truly grateful if someone could review my application. Below are the details:

My Background

I worked on the marketing side at an indie game studio for 7 years, developing and publishing game IPs, exporting them to the global market, and earning numerous international awards.


  1. Founder of the indie game company (My boss)
  2. Founder of Taiwanese branch of a non-profit international organization for game developers (Worked with him on a large scale game event / OC3(1))
  3. Founder of a crypto game company in UK (Secondary job - worked as an external marketing consultant since 2023 August / MC(2))

Mandatory Criteria

  • Evidence1: I led the marketing efforts by developing and implementing the company’s go-to-market strategy at my current company
    • A screenshot of our game on the indie game bestseller list on Steam
    • A screenshot of revenue divided by countries
    • A screenshot of the GTM document
  • Evidence2: I led the growth of a game for a UK crypto game company in implementing a market entry strategy for its debut product.
    • A screenshot of growth metrics report showing upward trajectory after my involvement
    • A screenshot of the email which I provided instructions

OC2: How do I demonstrate that I have been recognised for my work outside of my immediate occupation that contributed to the advancement of the sector.

  • Evidence1: I gave a talk at the largest game dev conference in China with around 200 industry attendees
    • A screenshot of the event web page showing me as a speaker
  • Evidence2: I published an article on a major media outlet in Europe on the topic of how to break into Japanese media market
    • A link to the article

OC3: How do I demonstrate that I have made significant technical, commercial or entrepreneurial contributions to the field as a founder, senior executive, board member or employee of a product-led digital technology company.

  • Evidence1: I play a pivotal role in launching a Steam sales event focused on highlighting Taiwan’s developers. This effort directly boosted sales for most of the games involved during the event.

    • A screenshot of the event page views
    • Screenshots of tutorials and materials I provided to developers, teaching them how to collaboratively promote the event for maximum exposure
    • Screenshots of media coverage
  • Evidence2: I played a key role in the growth of a new product(scheduled for launch in Q2 2025) by delivering several major pre-release at my current company.

    • A screenshot of growth metrics report showing upward trajectory following pre-launch
    • A screenshot of growth metrics report showing wishlist numbers (Equivalent to a pre-order, but without having checked out, so there are no revenue figures.)
    • A screenshot of growth metrics report showing wishlist numbers divided by countries

Do you think I stand a chance? I’m truly looking forward to applying!

I also have some questions regarding my application:

  • Can I utilize the required endorsement letters to highlight my achievements as evidence for both Mandatory and Optional Criteria? I’ve worked at the same company for 7 years, with only two C-level executives, so my options for recommenders are limited. I also believe that having endorsements for the evidence of both Mandatory and Optional Criteria would strengthen my case. Is this approach acceptable?
  • Since I work in indie gaming, our revenue isn’t as substantial compared to mainstream games, but we’re among the top in the indie game market. Therefore, I’m considering submitting screenshots of the bestseller list as evidence for the Mandatory Criteria. Would this be sufficient?

Grateful for any insight!

@Francisca_Chiedu @Afolabi @alexnk @mojisolao @tundeph @ask4jubad Would be honored to get your thoughts!

I think you have a good chance and I will just hope to chip in some ideas which may not totally answer your questions, but give you things to think about and/or add.

I will start from your questions:
Q1. Yes, you can use a recommendation letter as an evidence, would be nice if you don’t use a recommendation letter for more than one of the evidences and would be nicer if you get another letter of recommendation from someone else and then use the one from your boss as evidence, which should focus very well on your “MEASURABLE” achievement and align with your overall story

Q2. Yes, it’s a brilliant idea to add screenshots or evidence that shows you are among the top in the Indie game market.

Other things you may want to take note of:

  1. Try to be specific with adjectives like “major”, “upward growth” in your application. Top 2, 3000% are more specific and measurable numbers, so try to use such words and provide evidences for those. This applies to evidences like “screenshot of media coverage”, “a link to the article”, can you as well show why these platforms are actually good platforms by adding screenshots of the monthly visits of these media platforms? Technation don’t want to only see existence of these evidence, but also a way to prove they are verifiable and popular platforms

  2. To apply for exceptional promise, according to my knowledge, you need to have 5 years or less experience, outside which you may be considered too experienced for Exceptional Promise. How do you hope to handle this?

  3. Are you able to show that the GTM document and other document you created were actually created by you? Then show the evidence or add in the evidence as well

I’m sure others can help out in places where I have not covered.

Wish you well. Cheers!

Hi @tundeph ,

Thank you so much for your thoughtful advice and suggestions! They have been incredibly helpful to me. Here are my responses to your points:

  1. Regarding Q1, I believe I can only secure one additional recommendation letter since our company has co-founders(and they’re the only c-level people), making two people in total. I will carefully consider how to leverage a letter from my boss to back up one of my pieces of evidence.

  2. For the media coverage aspect, I will include screenshots from SimilarWeb to show website traffic for each article I mention. Thanks to somdipdey for sharing this tool!

  3. I aim for exceptional promise as it has a lower threshold, although I’ve seen others apply for it and receive exceptional talent instead. To apply for exceptional promise, I plan to explain that my initial two years of work were mainly focused on managing the company’s social media rather than participating in product side. Despite having extensive experience in delivering major product launches, I feel my qualifications align more with exceptional promise due to this.
    Do you think there could be any potential issues or risks with this approach?

  4. As a marketing manager within my company, I initially thought I wouldn’t need to prove that GTM documents and other documents I created were actually by me. However, as an alternative, should there be a need to demonstrate the documents were actually created by me, I could instead provide communications I sent to media outlets introducing our products, alongside the resulting media coverage.
    This would allow me to showcase my contribution to the product’s commercial success from the angle of “I developed media outreach strategies, resulting in significant exposure, as our products are covered by major media outlets and macro influencers worldwide.” How do you feel about this approach?

Huge thanks for your advice! It’s been super helpful in shaping my strategy :smiley:

Everything looks good to me then, for point No 4., “I could instead provide communications”, I think you should provide the communications “in addition”, not “instead”. You need all evidences to put your best foot forward, show your personal contribution and convince Technation without an iota of doubt. Go for it, wish you well!

Really appreciate your support and well wishes. I’m going for it with full confidence!

Hi Sissi. There is a risk to your role being over 5 years. I would advise that on your CV, you clearly detail this by adding your duties beside your role i.e (social media focused). Because your CV is one of the first things they see and it sets the tone for your whole application.

Also detail this clearly in your personal statement.

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Hi @Amara_O ! Thank you so much for the tip! I’ll make sure to incorporate this into both my CV and my personal statement. It’s amazing how supportive this community is. Thanks again!

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