Please review my application Product Manager

Really appreciate everyone’s input.
A quick background on me: I have total 4.5 years of product management experience at 3 companies. I worked as a Senior PM for a global travelling company for 1.5 years and my current employer, a global shipping company for a few months. Both are fortune 500 companies. I am already in the UK on skilled work visa, but recently I got accepted by Antler VC and wants to explore entrepreneurship.

Letters of Recommendations:

  1. Person A = Senior Director at my previous employer who worked with me and can attest to some performance data of my products.
  2. Person B = A senior Technology Strategist at Microsoft London, who was in my alumni network and invited me to speak at conferences, such as London tech week.
  3. A leader and influencer in marketing and tech industry’s diversity and inclusion. She moderated my panel discussion and invited me to her podcast.

Mandatory Criteria:

  1. Built advanced product solutions and presented at London Tech week, recognized by reference letters

  2. High base salary in the UK. 10k higher than the average senior PM salary(glassdoor data) in London.

  3. Promotional material, (interview video and article) from the london tech conference describing my product management skill

Optional 2:

  1. Proof of speaking at three conferences. The most prestigious one is during London tech week with youtube promotional video, linked post etc.
  2. One news clip from a UK media, Future Science Publishing Group
  3. Spoke at NYU and mentored students and built an internship program which can be proved by the professor.

Optional 3:

  1. Results that shows my product reduced manual work by 70% globally at a fortune 200 companies operating in 150 countries
  2. Accepted by Antler VC
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Update I have got the endorsement in 4 days!


update I have received new BRP.