Please review my application of Exceptional Talent (Business)- Director of EdTech non profit

I have worked in the Education Technology field in India, US, Africa for the last 6.5 years. I have built and launched EdTech products to serve millions of under-resourced learners achieve Foundational literacy and numeracy skills . While scaling EdTech programs in remote public schools, in my current role I have also developed strategy to implement critical solar infrastructure in hundreds of schools (for the first time in many communities). I have played the role of a technology generalist working across product management, product partnerships and hardware procurement roles.

As I prepare for my GTV app, wonder if anyone with experience can help advice if the below plan will be sufficient. Specifically, I am looking to get advice on whether the evidence matches the requirement and if some of them can be split up to reach the 10 pieces that are required for the application. I am currently in London on a HPI dependent visa.

Mandatory Criteria:
Evidence 1: Impact of EdTech Apps developed for learning

  • News Coverage of app launches by by Chief Ministers of several Indian state governments to support children with pandemic learning
  • Downloads on google Play (impact and reach)

Evidence 2: Recognition of EdTech app developed and my Role

  • Screenshot- Winner in Tools competition, an international competition supported by Eric Schmidt, Former CEO of Google
  • News article referencing developed app in the Economist
    (my name is not mentioned in any of these public pieces, but LOR can attest to my work)
  • Letter from CEO of EdTech app Endorsing my work

Optional criteria 1: Example of innovation
Led strategy to embed solar in world’s largest government led EdTech program in Malawi
Evidence 3:

  • Dashboard screenshots showing 500+ schools electrified, thousands of solar panel and batteries installed
  • MOU signing screenshot of the govt program

Evidence 4: Recognition of my work, Future Implications

  • Youtube video of solar partnering interviewing me to spotlight the program |
  • Letter of Endorsement from Solar partner in Africa highlighting my role|

Optional Criteria 2: Recognition of work outside my immediate occupation that advanced the sector:

Evidence 5:

  • Presented work in a panel on low-cost EdTech solutions at UNESCO’s mobile learning week in Paris
  • Speaker at EdTech Review 2020 conference - talked about India EdTech landscape to 50+ foreign leader|
  • Screenshot of conferences where work in India and Africa was presented at (but I was not there

Evidence 6: Managed a fellowship program to support 60+ EdTech entrepreneurs across US and Lat Am with leadership and management skills

  • Letter of reference from fellowship CEO highlighting my work
  • Published spotlights on entrepreneurs in K12

Evidence 7: Research Projects in Education

  • Screenshot and links of my Research Projects while at Columbia with Sesame Project on Digital Media, and UNICEF Youth Innovation for Digital Solutions

I think OC1 won’t be accepted. Installing solar power in schools is commendable but isn’t in the digital technology field.

MC is weak too. Does evidence 1 mention you by name? How many tools were in the competition mentioned in evidence 2? Can you get media coverage that mentions your name?

You don’t seem to have sufficient evidence to meet 3 criteria. In the first mandatory criteria, did the article mention your name. Also what’s the number of downloads? The number of downloads, impact and reach is suitable for OC3 which is proof of your significant impact. Evidence 2, if your name is not mentioned, how does the competition show your leaders?

Not sure how you want to evidence a conference you didn’t participate in? What are you going to show?

You clearly do not meet the criteria for innovation as installing solar panels in a school does not prove innovation. What is novel about this work?

OC2 looks promising. OC2 evidence 1, for the UNESCO mobile learning week, what are you using to evidence this ( I would expect pictures of you speaking at the main stage of the conference+ email inviting you to speak + programme of event mentioning your name).

The 2020 edtech review conference can be a separate evidence if it also have all the documents listed above.

For evidence 6: in addition to the letter confirming your mentorship, does the spotlight article mention your name?

Evidence 7, is related to your direct work, your thesis will be considered part of your day job, it wasn’t volunteering.