Please review my application for the Exceptional Promise route, DevOps

Hi everyone!

I am Pavel, a DevOps Engineer in a London-based company. Currently, I am collecting my case to apply for GTV as an Exceptional Promise.

Could you please review my evidences? Any comments are welcome, thank you in advance!

Letters of reference:

  1. CEO of my company.
  2. CEO of a London-based startup which I am consulting in terms of infrastructure as external advisor, former Product Manager in my company.
  3. Founder of a large international blockchain startup, knows my work really well, former CPO in my company.

Main Criteria:

  1. I planned and implemented from scratch the complete cloud infrastructure for the LoR2 startup.
  • Linked to LoR2
  • Screenshots from startup’s GitHub with my commits
  • Screeshots from startup’s notion with my infra planning
  • Screenshots from corporate orchestration resource reflecting deployed environments
  • Screenshot of the latest invoice from the cloud provider to show that the infra is cheap (that was a task - to develop a price efficient infra)
  • Screenshot from Grafana to show almost 100% availability of all resources by latency: we agreed that 25 sec per request = 0% availability, so I created the time series dashboard - to prove that infra is efficient and addresses startup’s needs
  1. Participation in the Expert Panel at the leading IT university of Russia - to assess graduation business cases of BSc and MSc graduates.
  • Panel plan with my name
  • My evaluation table for graduation projects
  • Acknowledgement letter from the dean of the university department which held this Panel
  1. My company: I owned the project for cloud infra price reduction. As a result, I reduced the overall infra pricing by 25% without any effect for reliability.
  • My action plan in the corporate Confluence
  • Screenshots of related commits in GitHub
  • Screenshot from the cloud provider billing to show gradual decrease in payments

Optional Criterion 2 (out-of-work non-paid activities):

  1. Large node deployment project for one of the biggest blockchain foundations: I have the most popular and acknowledged repo containing the validator setup
  • Screenshots from GitHub (stars, forks, issues, etc)
  • Acknowledgement letter from the Foundation highlighting my contribution
  1. Articles on Hackernoon and victory in the writing contest
  • Screenshots of top-2 articles highlighting total 26 days of reading time and 17k reads
  • Screenshot of one article being featured on the HN Daily Tech Beat
  • Screenshot of the writing contest results announcement highlighting my article taking the second place
  • Screenshot of e-mail from HN representative congratulating me
  1. YouTube podcast (interview) about my career, 5k views
  • YouTube screenshot
  • Instagram promo reel screenshot
  • LinkedIn post screenshot

Optional Criterion 3 (achievements in my product-led company, I am the only owner for all three):

  1. Company-level Terraform automation project
  • Linked with LoR1
  • Screenshots from corporate confluence with my design docs and action plans
  • Screenshots from GitHub with my commits
  1. Service management automation project (also company-level)
  • Linked with LoR1
  • Screenshots from corporate Confluence with my design docs and action plans
  • Screenshots from GitHub with my commits
  1. Corporate documentation (public and non-public)
  • Linked with LoR’s 1 and 3
  • Screenshot of public docs frontend
  • Screenshots from GitHub highlighting my commits
  • Screenshot of non-public docs in Confluence
  • Screenshots of my design docs and user journeys for non-public docs

Hello @fmira21 This looks like a great application, commendable because as a devops engineer a lot of our work is behind the scenes.
Where you able to get an form of advise or criticism on this. i am a devops engineer as well with about 6 years os experience and i would appreciate any form of direction on my application