Please review my application for Exceptional Promise :)

Hi, I have 3.6 years of work experience as a software engineer. I worked for a lidar company (1 year and 10 months) and an autonomous driving company (1 year and 8 months).

My first application was recently rejected due to the insufficiency of the evidence. Please comment on the following new evidence for the second application.

Reference Letters

  1. Team leader from Company A (autonomous driving company)
    • He worked with me for 1 year
    • The reference letter includes a screenshot of the company’s Jira page showing how many contributions I made. I can’t access the page since I left a few months ago.
  2. CEO from Company B (lidar company)
    • He worked with me for 1 year and 8 months
    • He worked as a senior engineer at Samsung for over 12 years
  3. Colleague from Company B
    • She worked with me for 1 year and 8 months
    • She is now working as a research engineer at Hyundai


  1. Labour income increased by 180% over two years
  2. Company A: a stock option grant and a bonus in 2022
    • I was granted stock options in May, three months after the Series A funding
    • I was granted a bonus in December.
  3. Company B: media coverage
    • The article contains 4 photos of me demonstrating how to use the product resulting in a total of 3 patents for its innovative design and features
    • This media outlet is specialised magazine that delivered IT-related content to readers
    • The daily paid circulation was approximately 50k copies in 2020, placing it at around the 20th position in my country.
  4. I participated in a public talk show as a panel
    • At the event, my role was to share valuable information about the challenges faced, opportunities explored, and the emotions experienced while working as a junior software engineer at a startup
    • 75 audiences
    • The holder was a non-profit organisation, the largest female-centred startup community in my country, where received financial support from Facebook and co-hosted a webinar for tech startups with Microsoft Korea
  5. Blogging: I maintain two blogs.
    • One is dedicated to storing mathematical methods and algorithms that can be helpful to others, as well as to me
    • The other blog contains details about my work, including technical approaches, and my studies at the London-based university as a distance-learning BSc student
  6. Vocational training certificate for AI issued by a government-led body.


  1. Company B
    • Three patents for the product (technology)
    • my contributions to the development of the product as a software engineer
      • photos of me working on the development of the lidar with explanation
      • excerpts of reference letters mentioning my contribution
  2. Company B: Innovation prizes
    • The product was awarded prizes at four different large tech events, such as CES


  1. Company A
    • The details of my tasks and some diagrams of the module for which I was responsible
  2. Company B
    • I posted a tutorial on an internet cafe that targets engineers and has nearly 50k members
    • I uploaded some demo videos on the company’s official YouTube channel
      • Some viewers requested more detailed information on implementation and inquired about the existence of resellers

Your 3 LORs isn’t strong yet. According to the guideline, immediate colleagues and managers are usually not sufficient because they expect that applicants for this visa(global talent) should have a wider network of experts outside their immediate or previous employment

For the public talk, the attendees has to be at least 100

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Yeah, you’re right. The attendees should be more than 100 ;( I just want to add this evidence because it is clear that I participated in the talk show as a panel even though the attendees were only 75 then lol I really appreciate you though!

I got endorsed today :slight_smile:


Congratulations @srpark

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Congratulations. All the best with stage 2

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Did you change anything in your application?

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Thanks! Yes, I moved the ‘Vocational training certificate’ file from MC to my CV, and then I added more evidence for OC3. The rest of them were totally the same as listed in the posting.