Please review my Application: Exceptional Promise - Product Manager

Hello everyone, I have been working on my application for a few months now and am nearing submission. I am applying for the Exceptional Promise Route under the Business Track as a Product Manager. Since graduation, I have worked at 2 product-led tech startups in the US, with the majority of my time, 2.5 years, at my most recent employer, Company B.

Could you all provide feedback on my application? I have a few questions overall:

  • The majority of my evidence and letters are around Company B, but this is where I’ve spent most of my career, (applying as exceptional promise) and is where I’ve made an especially high impact and contribution to innovation. Additionally, Company B has grown tremendously. Outside of my evidence from my University achievements and a letter/salary info from Company A, the rest of my evidence is from Company B. Is this okay?

  • A lot of my evidence builds upon itself. For example, MC 1-3 is about my employment and salary at two product-led companies, but read alone, they don’t outline the impact or innovation I made at those firms. These are heavily outline in my LOR’s and OC1 and OC3, however. Will I be denied on the premise of the MC even though the articles about the companies’ fundraising and growth is crucial to understanding how I’ve been at growing, product-led digitial tech companies? If so, how can I link these together better?

LORs - all of my LOR’s reinforce different evidences included in my OC1 and OC3.

  • VP of Product at Company B (my manager)
  • VP of Business Development at Company B
  • Director of Solutions Engineering at Company B


  • Employment at 2 Product-led technology startups. I screenshotted public articles around Company A and Company B Series A rounds with quotes from VC’s and Company B’s place on the Deloitte Technology Fast 5,000 showing growth rate of company.
  • Salary, stock options and fast promotion evidence from Company A (and proof of employment)
  • Salary, stock options and fast promotion evidence from Company B (and proof of employment)
  • Academic Excellence in University - I created my own major around Innovation and showed all the classes that I took as well as my transcript showing a high GPA and my university’s ranking in the United States and Top-50 ranking in the world.

OC 1 (Innovation)

  • My work driving new, innovative features around employee safety. I screenshotted a company blog post covering the features. I also screenshotted and outlined examples of my contribution as Product Manager. I explained how my work led to a 20% price increase in the service plan and has an impact for over 50% of our customers.
  • My work building solutions for a >$1mm account for Company B that was covered in the press (screenshots included) and highlighted for its innovation. We built many features for them including real-time data visualization in our Dashboard. I have several screenshots showing the product and my contribution.
  • My work building and trialing a language translation feature for Company B that is truly new to the market with screnshots of the feature and our companies blog post article. I also include my contribution managing all customer trials and driving forward improvements as a product manager.

OC 3 (Impact)

  • Evidence of being the sole Product Manager at Company B (screenshots of org chart) with evidence of the number of releases we have shipped and the ###% revenue increase we have experienced during my time.
  • My work driving two separate cost-reduction features for Company B that decreased unit costs by #% and #% for each feature with screenshots of impact
  • Reference letter from manager at Company A outlining the impact I made at the company

For the MC, did the article mention your name?