Please review my application : Exceptional Promise Business Route

Hi everyone,
i have been in the UK on startup visa and planning to switch my current visa to Global Talent Exceptional Promise Business Route. My documents are as follows:

Personal Statement
Explaining how I started my Entrepreneurial Journey and then more specialised in digital led Entrepreneurship and that i was endorsed previously for the business and joined number of accelerator programs in the UK. My goal in expanding and continuing the business and employment plan in the future.

Includes all works i have been doing for developing digital led company including Product management and development, UI/UX, investment, R&D submissions etc.

Recommendation Letters

  1. Project Director of the program that is for Leaders in Digital Sector, who has experience for 20 years in exit tech entrepreneurs.
  2. Startup of a company in the UK who i met through accelerator program and were shortlisted in UK competitions previously.
  3. Startup in the UK who i met through another business community.

Mandatory Criteria

  1. Published Case study about my mobile app, innovation, myself and my entrepreneurial journey and their contributions to my work.
  2. Published Case study by Digital led community for Leaders in the sector , about myself and the App i am building
  3. Another UK university reference letter confirming my participation is developing and assessing their digital product and joined focus group.
  4. Referee from my previous endorsement body at university and i attached previous endorsements to the document.

Optional Criteria 1 (Innovation)

  1. Company Incorporation and equities that fully owned by me for now and registered Trademark for the App.
  2. R&D Submissions and Approvals.
  3. Screenshot of App Store Email confirming approval for testflight and users in previous MVP website and Clients Feedback.

Optional Criteria 3 - (Impact)

  1. Recommendation Letter from Technology Department at university who are invovled in developing digital strategies for SME in the UK explaining my journey and my impact in developing the Product.
  2. Screenshot of Scope of Work submitted to developers and mobile features created by me.
  3. Screenshot of UI/UX Design and quality reports i regularly run to manage the final product features.

Please let me know if these are good to be submitted or if any suggestions or concerns.

thanks in advance

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Strong profile. Looking at the TN guide, OC1 talks a lot about sales/revenue.

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thanks @westside for your review and feedback.
unfortunately the project is still in beta testing and development stage. however, i did mention in the narrative that i am working on fundraising and getting the business ready for investment and explained the Covid Impact on delays of development.

please let me know if that helps.

having said that, do you think that OC1 evidences are weak or need to be replaced?

thank you

The narrative makes sense and I think it helps. The real question is if it’ll convince TN. There’s this sentence under OC1 in the guide:

Any company provided as evidence should demonstrate a level of income beyond solely covering the applicant’s salary and must have been commercially successful or otherwise demonstrate how the applicant meets the endorsement criteria.

It still talks about revenue but there is an “or” part which I think your narrative can address and focus on. It may also help to check this forum a bit more for people who have gotten endorsed (or not) with OC1 as part of their submission.

I am just trying to help. Put your best foot forward, just like you’ve done, and go for it.

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@westside unrelated, but I have a question, please.

Does working as a Freelancer (software developer/engineer) for companies directly through Upwork using the direct contract feature still serve as Consulting?

I worked in the health and educational technology sectors for the companies as developer

Hello @alex_james unfortunately I do not have a concrete view on this. Looking at the other related posts in this forum over time, it seems to be an on/off situation. Please browse these so you can form an approach to your application

You can also search related terms like “contract” etc to get more views.

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