Please Review Application - Product Manager

Hey folks.

I started as a software engineer and now working as Product Manager. I have a work experience of 6+ years.

In my first startup in 2015 where I joined after college, I owned 2 major component of the product and the end to end execution. For a bootstrapped startup, I helped the product scale to $500k revenue. This is an HRTech B2B Enterprise Product. I was here for 4 year and 11 months

After that, I joined another B2B SaaS product for the North American market and helped the product scale to $1 million revenue. I joined as the first product manager and eventually ended up leading up a team and build a product function. here I was for 1 year and 11 months

I Dont wish to include my present employment as I think I still have to prove something significant as I have joined here recently.

From 2017 to 2020, I ran my own tech driven delivery kitchen, where I deployed the tech(have screenshots) and used tech to run the business and business decisions.

Also I have been invited to speak as a speaker, have certificates for two tech conferences

Two ex ceo and cto(whom I worked very closely) as letter of recommendation.

Do you guys suggest it’s a good profile for recommendation?

It looks like a good profile, however, it is your evidence and strength of your recommendation letters that will determine if it is good enough. BTW, a tech driven kitchen kitchen may not necessarily be a product-led digital technology company. Tech Nation has made clear distinctions between a tech enabled business and a product-led digital technology company. Do you have a product?

As for the speaking events do you have video evidence, were there up to 100 people in attendance?

Looks good based on what i read. If possible includes your product and show how the products in either innovative or impactful. (Please note this is just my own advised)