Please Reveiw my Application for Exceptional Promise

Help Review my Evidences for Exceptional Promise.

CV: Single Page.
SOP; 2 Pages with focus on my skills, achievements in the digital technology sector(I co-founded a Fintech company, first of its kind that allow people make and receive payment with social Media identity using our App.) It also contains
My role as Head of IT for a multinational e-commerce company for 7yrs and my achievements within the organization.
My impact and innovation with a 3yr old product-led company, Vendly, a Fintech I co-founded and currently lead the operations and marketing.
Why I want to come to the UK, my plans when I get to the UK, the region and my contribution to the digital tech sector through cyber security, mentorship program and IT architecture.

LOR 1: Co-founder of a Tech company in London.

LOR 2: CEO of a Tech Company in Nigeria and has operations across Kenya and Ghana.

LOR 3: Founder of an Ed-Tech focused initiative in Robotics and AI for Nigerian Students (she’s based in the US but company has operations in Nigeria).

MC 1: Co-founder, of payment company that leverages APIs for exchange of digital assets using social media identity.


  1. News clipping showing the launch of the start up, and our growth statistics with focus on how I drove the growth.
  2. Ref letters from tech founders citing my skills and how I have driven innovation and growth in the Fintech company through Increased users and revenue generation.
    The Fintech
    Simply allows people send and receive money with their social media handles (especially Twitter). We have plans to scale and extend to others social media handles.

MC 5: Led or contributed to a large technology led industry initiative.

I was a contributor and member of the panel and also one of the assessors of Team Nigeria for the World Robotics and AI Championship in Geneva with focus on driving Robotics and AI education, usage and participation among secondary school students. The participants were
1k students from 44schools in Lagos State. And I coached, mentored and assessed the final 10 who were later streamlined to 5.
These 5, represented the country at the finals in Geneva and came third , with Bronze medal in Geneva.


  1. Reference Letter from the National Organizers recognizing my impact and contribution and the Letter of Invitation to be a Judge for the National Qualifiers.
    The team came third with the Bronze medal at the finals in Geneva in 2022.
  2. Images from the events and News media clippings.

MC 3: Led the growth of a non-profit organization/social enterprise with focus on the digitech sector.

I act as a major volunteer to a social enterprise: Voice to the Streets(7yrs old) with focus on empowering kids in rural areas and suburbs with education, tech skill, vocational skills and informal education.
They are not solely tech focused but have a tech arm that equip people with requisite skills during our campaigns. I am a leader in this tech arm.

Last year, I was part of the team that organized Street Tech 7:0 an initiative from this Non-profit organization and handled the teaching session for the children on Robotics and AI.

1)Images from the event, past years and recent one in 2022 that I was a part of.
2) Volunteer engagement letter (more like an offer letter) from the NGO.
3)eference letter from the organizers for the success of the sessions I was part of. Certificate of volunteering from organizers from 2019 till date.

MC 10: Significant expert role participating on Panels.

I have participated just ONCE on the panel for the national qualifiers of the robotics and AI competition in Geneva.
CAN I USE THE Evidence I have for this criteria?

Optional Criteria.
OC:1 - Innovation
Vendly statistics growth report(user statistics, revenue forecast and income generated)
Ref letters from tech founders.

OC 2: Impact
Images from Voice to the Street programs
Ref letter from Organizers.
Certificate of Volunteering

I will appreciate our examination, critique and review of my proposed application…